Please consider airdrop users who deploy their own smart contact to interact with uniswap

there are early adopters who deploy their own smart contract to interact with Uniswap(e.g arbitrage contract to trade tokens between different dex). but according to current uni token claim rules, only EOA address is able to send claim functions. but for users who deploy their own contract are unable to send claim transactions through their own contract if the contract doesn’t support external call. please consider airdrop tokens to those users as well.

hi @tartu, i’m closing this, please direct further discussion to [Learn] Requirements & How to claim your 400 UNI, but also note that anyone may claim tokens for any other account. so, even if a contract is unable to call claim on the MerkleDistributor contract, you may call the function from any EOA on behalf of the contract, and if the contract has a way to deal with arbitrary tokens you may then do as you like with them.