Claim UNI for contract address, not wallet


We have used a few smart contracts to interact with the Uniswap v2 router instead of a wallet, and those addresses can claim 400 UNI per contract. However, once when 400 UNI has been sent to the contract, we don’t have the option to move that tokens, so they will stay locked in the contract.

Can you please pass those claimable UNI tokens to the contract owners instead if we provide contract addresses that are eligible to claim UNI?



We will talk about this issue and come up with a plan.


I will be interested to know this as well . can we use ethercan to interact with contract?


All Questions will be answered asap. Thank you


Im appreciate man me too


This is somewhat of a funny coincidence but I also have UNI stuck on a few personal contracts I used for trading and I’m also named Nenad.

Sending tokens that are on a smart contract to the deployer address would be great, not quite sure how to do that in a decentralized manner.


So i have been able to withdraw using my multisig wallet contract address.

Just go to click the 3 dots and claim. enter the multisig address.
You will be able to claim tokens using any address to pay eth gas fees but tokens will be claimed into multisig where you can the withdraw.


it would be great to make an option to claim token not to contract address but to contract’s deployer address


I have the same issue for personal contracts as well as contracts that have other peoples tokens staked in them… It would be fantastic to be able to claim and rightfully distribute these UNI.

+1 for the claim to deployer address!

Thanks for your Consideration :slight_smile:


Bumping for visibility, I also have a few contracts (just two actually) that are eligible for rewards, but as I did not anticipate these contracts to be airdropped, there is no way to get the UNIs out of my contracts.

One solution could be to upgrade the claim contract such that if the eligible address is a contract, then the deployer address would be the one receiving the reward.

In any case, I think addressing these unclaimable rewards is important, whether they end up being rolled into the treasury, burned, or distributed with another reward scheme.


proposal add ability to claim UNI token to contract creator address

  1. add the ability to the claims policy
  2. for all contracts in list, extract creator address from blockchain
  3. for each line(contract), generate new proof with creator address and the SAME index(and other params)
    that’s all
    now you have choice: to claim UNI tokens to creator address or to contract address
    without UI and smartcontract changes

it would be useful for non upgradable contract with no withdraw functionality


I would like to add a +1 to @Ben’s above as well.

I also feel the unclaimable rewards should be addressed as well.
I like the idea of said rewards being distributed with another reward scheme.
Could a claim time limit be introduced?
After X time the “unclaimed” could be re-issued or sent to active members of the forum. Another reward in away. It would only happen once otherwise the forum would be filled with useless posts and general garbage just to meet the parameters.
It could be measured like the other badges we users receive for earning their first “LIKE” or “Quote”.

The reward should go to those that have given part of themselves for Uni.
I do not know how it could or should be done but I do like the thought of knowing the people who have helped me in the past without thought of a reward will actually be rewarded.
For example Moderators, or Admins. or simply Individuals that have given a lot of their own time to propel UNI forward. The user that helps other users by answering questions or creating topics / posts that have guided, informed, and broadened the pathway forward by keeping current the information of topic and thus also the readers.


They cant, as outlined to me and others before at the end of a locked post by admin and Unicorn Noah.The 15% of the total supply set aside at the beginning of the process and sent to the merkle tree for distribution for the airdrop is locked away in the distributor smart contract and cannot ever be accessed or clawed back again if left unclaimed (great in some sense as it will reduce the overall supply/number of tokens in circulation and probably explains why they have an unlimited claim time).

Situations like the Dharma proposal [Proposal] Excluded Proxy Contract Airdrop — Phase 1 being the only current exception to another airdrop that I’ve seen that a lot of the community and UNI holders say is acceptable and that they would vote for.

If voted for the tokens for this would thus be coming out of Community Funds due to the above lock preventing the original 15% being accessible to compensate those who originally missed out on the original airdrop due to their use of other named and accepted platforms, DEX aggregators and other means of calling Uniswap smart contracts.


Thank you for taking the time to write this all out… you would be one of the people to which I refer in my post. I appreciate it.

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1 month later, any official update?

I also have used uni thru a smart contract and I have been unable to collect my uni. I have all of the information I need to collect who can I contact about this?

I redeemed UNI to a smart wallet from my old Maker Dao CDP. (Zerion told me it was possible). But now it’s in that smart wallet and I don’t know how to get it my personal wallet. Is it stuck there?

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I had exactly same issue

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