Retroactive Airdrop Excludes Proxy Contract Users (e.g. Dharma, Matcha, etc.)

Hey everybody — this is Nadav from Dharma.

Since August, our business has been razor-focused on providing a mainstream-friendly experience for trading in Uniswap. We have successfully onboarded over 2,500 new users onto Uniswap in the span of just a month who otherwise would have likely floundered with the clunkiness of Metamask, gas fees, etc. This has been really great for our business, and we’re basically doubling down all of our energies on making Uniswap something anyone with a US bank account and zero crypto knowledge can use instantly.

Unfortunately, the way the retroactive airdrop was architected seemed to make a slight oversight in the snapshotting process — only addresses which directly called the Uniswap contracts were considered to be users. Our system (as well as many other more consumer-oriented systems) interact with Uniswap through a proxy contract. As a result, approximately 2,000 users who used Uniswap through Dharma are ineligible to claim UNI rewards.

This is not an issue isolated to Dharma due to an esoteric design choice — proxy contracts are very commonly used by interfaces that interact with Uniswap. Notably, DEX aggregators such as Matcha and Paraswap have confirmed they are also affected, and we believe others are quite likely to be affected as well.

From our discussions with the Uniswap team, it seems highly unlikely that the intention of the retroactive airdrop was to exclude users who did not directly call Uniswap. In all likelihood, this was an innocent oversight.

As such, we’re considering submitting a proposal (perhaps the first!) to Uniswap governance to expand the UNI retroactive airdrop to those who used Uniswap through proxy contracts before Sept. 1st. Our team is very experienced with submitting proposals to the Compound governance module and we feel quite confident we could do this securely and quickly.

That being said, we first wanted to gauge interest and reactions from the Uniswap community.

I will note to the community that this vote sets a cultural precedent as to how the protocol treats not only its direct users but also developers who take entrepreneurial bets building on Uniswap. The status quo has unfortunately punished our users and eroded our reputation with them — future builders will heed the signal and precedent set by how the Uniswap community addresses this.

Interested to hear feedback and thoughts; technical discussion around how best to structure this proposal highly encouraged!


Edit: Really happy to see what appears to be an overwhelmingly positive response to the high-level proposal. I would like to shift the discussion to more specific, technical matters related to how we can implement this proposal — please skip down to this message to add color to the specifics

Edit 2: The latest proposal can be found down here. We intend to discuss is it for the next 24 hours before proceeding [9/17/20 10:05PM MT]


Definitely the Dharma users deserve this. We love uni swap and we love Dharma.


As someone who has used Dharma due to its mobile compatibility, I wholeheartedly support this. It would suck to be left out of the airdrop due to mainly using a platform that allows me to browse and swap ERC20 tokens when at work and away from my desktop. Hope for the best Dharma team :+1:t2:


This seems like a great change. Dharma users and Matcha users still have supported the Uniswap ecosystem, even if they haven’t used the interface directly!


At the outset, huge respect to Uniswap for having showcased a true example of how a Decentralized protocol could work wherein everyone that is part of the ecosystem benefits. Thank you very much.
Over the past few months, Dharma has tried to do its best in simplifying the onboarding process for a lot of noobs (like me) by hiding the gas and TX component. They have internally used Uniswap/other exchanges for token swaps and it has definitely helped additional users to jump onboard due to the power of strong design thinking. It will be great if Uniswap could include Dharma users for the $uni airdrops. It will definitely help the community grow in a positive manner.


I support this 100%. As someone who used dharma mobile app many time and traded on uniswap I think I deserve UNI airdrop not less than all those scammers who were creating numerous fake coin contracts (rugpulls) over and over and now got the airdrop on top. Really excited to see this issue resolve and really hope we get our tokens


I fully support this proposal. I myself have conducted all of my uniswap transactions via Dharma and missed out on the UNI airdrop. I introduced some friends to defi and highly recommended them to use dharma to trade on uniswap and they’re all pretty unhappy about it.


Any suggestion from where would come those new coins?


As a user of both Uniswap and Dharma, I believe proxy contract users should also be included in the recent airdrop. It was an innocent mistake that may have passed through the Uniswap team and I am sure they appreciate proxy contract users’ addition to the DeFi Uniswap ecosystem. After all, DeFi is about being fair to some degree, isn’t it?

Regards. :slight_smile:


It would be a shame not to include any wallet which used a proxy contract, such as all the Dharma users, in the Uni airdrop.

Really hope those users will eventually be airdropped Uni tokens :crossed_fingers:


Very fair proposal. The current airdrop has (inevitably) been hugely profitable for whales, scammers, ripoffs of Uniswap, whereas the defi newbs/ small traders that first used Uniswap via Dharma are now penalised.

Also agree with the point that this damages Dharma’s reputation and disincentivizes similar initiatives in the space.


Love both Uniswap and Dharma!

Dharma is the perfect access point to interact with the protocol, wouldn’t change it for anything else.

I think we deserve the UNI :slight_smile: thank you team


I started using Uniswap by sending eth to Dharma to buy yam v1 in early August and got rekt lol but that is really the event that got me to be an active user in crypto. Prior to that I was only holding btc in cold storage. Would love to be able to receive retroactive rewards for my Dharma wallet address!


Dharma wallet users should ofcause also recieve the airdrop, Im super surprised and disapointed that they have excluded us. They are basically forcing us to not use these third party services. Which is a shame because that will only stiffle development and collaborations.


Agree, we Dharma users deserve to be part of the Uniswap community airdrop just like everyone else.


I support this and hope that users of Monolith, an excellent card service which has also on boarded thousands of people into the DeFi space, will also be helped by such a proposal. All swaps in Monolith take place through the paraswap contract, and therefore were not accounted for in the Uni Airdrop (even though Uniswap was used for most of the trades!).


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Agree, we Dharma users deserve to be part of the Uniswap community airdrop just like everyone else


I love both projects. Lately I opened my macbook and Uniswap to swap some eth for dot, link, Lrc and few others. As I love mobile experience more then laptop (no offence apple!) my friend suggestes I use Dharma for tokens I wanna swap so I did…
I wouldn’t like to be “panished” just for using some other UX to do basically the same thing.

I believe we all appreciate a lot Uniswap protocol and would be gratefull a lot for appreciating our activity, no matter if it was direct or proxy originated. I kond of understand that first of all Uniswap wanted to appreciate their direct users, as some could not even be aware of uniswap existance, they just new some app which happened to use uniswap in background, so basically those were not uniswap users. I get it. However I think many of us, including myself, just used some app they like conciously knowing that uniswap is behind that. Even more, that was the reason to use that particular app at all.

So please appreciate our effort to support DeFi community of any kind as we ALL will benefit from it as the whole market grows with us allowing to earn also to you, uniswap.

It is all connected. You know.



I think it was an error to exclude those users in the first place. Proxy contract users should be rewarded and doing so will only benefit the whole crypto community