Application for retroactive proxy contract airdrop for projects apps

Air drop for the users who used dharma wallet and any 3rd party proxy contract who interacted with uniswap before deadline


Hi. i used uniswap 2 times before 1 September. And my question is? why i not received the airdrop? It’s unfair. Who can give me normal answer?
Transaction hash.


My ETH address.:arrow_down:

Hi normundas77,

At transaction tx=0x44fe53d600a724cd13d58fe1fbc798a520a9911ef6d162c52f3a32127795a198

You interacted with Whale address to make Uniswap able to send your token, but there is no transaction from your wallet to Uniswap’s address (that was first step needed to swap any token on Uniswap, but it sounds you didn’t send any token, that unfortunately doesn’t make you able to claim distribution)

At transaction 0xda9aa2532eaf7542b3d032276b5f6e3e6ada113db84a9c95ed1b89de33f1d575
you addressed transaction to Kyber Proxy that was the one who interacted with Uniswap’s contract.

I know there were some debates and after 2 votes, proposition for UNI distribution to proxy users weren’t accepted.

I also don’t get any UNI token from airdrop, despite I thouhgt I was because of older CDP I’d clase from Maker contract. But this distribution maked me opportunity to discover lots of interesting things about Uniswap and how to use it, and I’ll be now regular user :wink:
Indeed we missed one of better opportunity of the whole Ethereum history, but I’m sure there was not the last :slight_smile:





this is my adrees cabnoot claim


Das ist. Meine Adresse wäre auch dankbar