Airdrop users who've only had an approval transaction before Sep. 1

Although it’s not a direct interaction with the uniswap contract it is still an interaction with uniswap. I don’t see why this group of users aren’t eligible for the 400 UNI airdrop but users with failed transactions are. I just don’t think this is fair distribution.


They made it far for whales, food tokens scammers and crypto legends.

I see CT posting about having 100 plus 400 drops.

And it’s been fair for them…

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What do you mean? How is that fair?

It’s ridiculous. Clearly those users were using uniswap before september 1 but they get nothing.


People who had failed transactions on Uniswap have been airdropped UNI tokens but us who had an approval transaction done and spent eth gas for it on Uniswap platform have been excluded. It is unfair…


Newbie how do I claim the 400 UNI tokens

I had a failed transaction before sep 1 however I did not receive 400 UNI airdrop

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I have to agree. I really don’t see the reason why they’re excluding people with approve transactions. Are they any less part of the “community” as people with only failed transactions?


We sure do need a way to verify their “snapshot” before Sept. 1st.
If there’s anybody out there willing to help out with on-chain analysis on Uniswap distribution token address & chart out swap volumes distribution vs. no. of addresses in that volume, that’ll be very much appreciated.

Approved transactions? Didn’t you get the UNI? What wallet or service were you using?

I say no more retroactive airdrops. The dev team did what they did for a reason and I fully respect that. From now on we should only reward those who are actively supporting Uniswap. Those who hold tokens, are active in governance and LP’s. Many people will claim it wasn’t fair. It jus is what it is. Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of Uniswap tokens can go and buy them, right now is still a good price. Most people want the UNI’s at this point to go and dump them on the community. IF they receive them, I think they should be locked and released within a period, and that’s IF

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You have to send an approval transaction to trade your tokens on Uniswap. While technically not a swap it does show that the user has interacted with Uniswap and has even paid gas to do so. I just find it odd that we wouldn’t be eligible for the airdrop. Perhaps the team can explain their reasoning behind this?


I’ve provided liquidity since 2019. I only got 400 UNI, I am wondering if that kind of stuff will be remedied but I’d like to see it done safely for the platform itself. I get many want more free money but in all honesty the surprise made my day. Plus earning more!

Absolute brilliant suggestion with regards to locking the UNI like in escrow to be distributed so its not just dumped.

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