Adjust the distribution to allow claims by contract deployer

There are many instances where smart contracts are eligible for the retroactive airdrop however the claim itself cannot be withdrawn due to the lack of the necessary logic.

I would like discuss adjusting the claim data/logic to make contract deployers eligible for the necessary subset of the unclaimed addresses. This would not add any additional claims above those which are already allocated.

I am not yet sure of the feasibility of this proposal however I have the experience and skills to follow this proposal through should it garner enough interest / delegation.

Thoughts everyone?

I look forward to discussing this further with the community :slight_smile:


There are threads that concern contracts that act as proxies for users.

I think that might be a good place to start asking (if single-user proxies would also be considered), considering how hard getting support for proposals is.

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Yes I had seen that thread, however since it is specifically for multi-user Projects/Apps and involves allocation of new reward tokens, i thought this issue to be different enough to warrant a separate conversation - I also couldn’t see a Proposal Discussion for this specific issue.

I kinda also wanted the experience/practice using the governance forum :wink:

Totally agree that garnering support is definitely an issue though!

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yes please, allocating UNI to places that cannot withdraw seems illogical. allow deployer to claim for, SIMPLE.

closing this, as it’s too vague to be meaningful. please refer to one of the existing threads discussing specific remedial measures for specific groups of users.