Proposal to lock and return to Treasury all unclaimed UNI tokens

…from wallets whose first call to the Uniswap contract was between August 27th and snapshot date.

They are all probably claimed already but look at this pic to see the obvious insider trading in ETH-LINK liquidity!

The huge spike is August 27th.



I like to think that all unclaimed tokens will be sent automatically to treasury

Not for another 9 months

Could you please link to the interactive Uniswap site you pulled that from instead of a screenshot so everyone can see the data for themselves, I know it is on the site but am on mobile ATM.

You could have at least put the pointer on 27-AUG :slight_smile:

Nah, keep them there. If those wallets doesn´t move them then its better for us, less people selling.


I think unclaimed UNI should be airdropped to the ones who interacted with UNI before the announcement between the 1st and the announcement date. If that is possible. (I haven’t interacted with uniswap in that time frame either so I am not being greedy, it is just a suggestion)

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I don’t really mind if unclaimed UNI goes back to the treasury but “why ignore a group that came a bit late” and also it is unlikely that the rest are going to be getting more than 400 UNI so I don’t think UNI holders would mind putting a proposal for this. Also this can stir more people to join UNI community. Hope I am making sense.

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this thread reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of the merkle distribution. 15% of the total supply was sent to the distributor contract. that amount is fixed and irrevocable, and unclaimed tokens will forever be locked.

also, please don’t traffic in vague, unfounded conspiracy theories in this forum.