Why do we talk so much about a new airdrop?

As has been commented by someone else in the forum, I think we talk a lot about a new airdrop and not so much about proposals, promotion, security, expansion, etc.

Luckily for us, although participation in the forum is not the one desired by many, the Uniswap team does not stop working.

I think it is important to remember that the Uniswap team is made up of 11 people. Imagine for a moment, the volume of work of planning, development, testing, etc., to achieve in less than six months:

  • V3 running
  • Outperform sites like Coinbase in daily transactions.
  • Undisputed leader defi
  • Token UNI among the top 10 on the market

All my support and appreciation for this great team. I will continue trying to talk more and more about what I consider our project.

A grain of sand does not do much, but if we all pitch in, the grain can become a beach …



All posts about upcoming airdrops should be deleted/banned. From now on. It’s 100% off-topic.


All very good points, but I will add that maybe the reason there is so much talk about airdrops is because the past recognizes that it was a key component to adoption. Is it the only thing we can and should discuss…no? Is it an important aspect that deserves attention…yes. But I agree… There are more pressing issues that need to be discussed

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You can discuss how epic the airdrop was but you need to acknowledge it will never happen again.

how forceful. Someone might think that you are one of the 11 members of the UNI team

The Uniswap team couldn’t do another airdrop if they wanted to. The Treasury is controlled by governance.


Governance won’t vote to dilute itself by giving free UNI to users.

Uniswap team won’t give their own UNI for free (they stated this).

So that leaves 0 possibility for a new airdrop.

It’s time to move on.


I think it is important to read the UNI roadmap.

Recommended reading:

This is the roadmap. From here if you can comment


a very good call for awareness and call to battle, thank you for the initiative @jhrojas1967 .

Let’s hear from each other those of us who appreciate the team and the uniswap project.

I think that communication and friendships can increase the uniswap project, so let’s get to know each other.

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Hello, it is good that topics are proposed and we try to give an opinion to all the members who love this community.

To comrade Allo, simply remind him that a new vote has been approved, which is a “modification of the project’s roadmap.” Everyone can give their opinion if this option is good or not, but they allow us to give their opinion and vote.

In my opinion it is a slight modification that improves the initial approach and will achieve objectives that we have not yet imagined. What is evident is that we have a way to go and this will be marked by the initial roadmap and the proposals and votes of the members of the Community.

For my part, proud to belong to this group and excited about what is to come. I only miss, not having more knowledge to make it available to the Community.

A hug for all those who feel this great project is theirs.

Well explained n good points

Big hug to you comrade !!!

But there is no future airdrop.

We can’t even vote useful proposals right now, basic no-brainer stuff like deploying V3 to Polygon. There is 0.000000000000000% chance an aidrop will be voted in the future.

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but without realizing it many new users use uniswap because they think they will get an airdrop this year…