Poll: Should Dharma postpone their proposal?

Dharma has announced that they plan to use their delegated voting power to launch a proposal on Fri, Oct 23 that, if successful, would result in a UNI airdrop to their users.

During a live-streamed community chat today, we (including Nadav of Dharma) came to the conclusion that there may be better ways to solve the issues of disenfranchisement raised by Dharma other than a straight-up airdrop.

We also discussed the negative impact of rushing proposals through governance before it’s fully matured.

With that knowledge, do you believe that Dharma should still launch their well-publicized airdrop proposal on Fri, Oct 23?

Or do you believe that they should postpone it to allow for further discussion and potential development of alternative solutions by the community?

Should Dharma launch its proposal on Friday, or postpone it?
  • Launch it
  • Postpone it
  • No opinion

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Dharma should definitely pause and rethink how to design this proposal if they want it to pass.


If Dharma feel they have enough voting power to reach quorum, they should launch it. I think that’s the only factor that really matters. At the heart of it, this proposal will always be a retroactive airdrop to proxy users from the community treasury - I doubt people will be convinced further as to whether or not to support an action like that, and no ‘redesign’ will change what the proposal is at its core. What would more time give anyone?

I think the vote happening as soon as possible is the best thing for the ecosystem, its a fairly hallmark event where either outcome will shape attitudes towards voting going forward. I think that’s a fundamentally good thing for the growing maturity of Uniswap governance.

And in the interests of transparency:
I have never used Dharma or any proxy.
I strongly disagree with the proposal and any proposal that retroactively rewards a limited, centralized group from treasury funds.
I don’t see how the token or the ecosystem is benefited from the proposal.
I would like to see the proposal defeated.


Thanks for the initiative - including Nadav. This is a better way of handling this topic! Kudos!


What is the point of this poll? If as you claim, Dharma came to conclusion there are better ways, they will postpone. If not, they will put their proposal to vote and community will decide.
Running the anonymous useless poll just creates noise, you started to sound like politician drawing attention


my humble opinion :smile: i would really applaud dharma for trying to get the airdrop for its users, i actually got to know about dharma on this governance forum durig the first thread, i belive their users are uniswap users too and they have added a lot of liquidity and volume to uniswap because of ease of use even though their users do not go through uniswap directly they still interact with uniswap


You’re asking for this proposed airdrop to deviate from the design of the first airdrop? When the whole point of this airdrop is to fill the gaps of the first?

The first airdrop to users should not be viewed as so much a reward as an invitation. Some users simply weren’t invited!

If you disagree with the initial airdrop, then of course you should vote ‘no’. But if you agree with the initial airdrop and what is was trying to achieve then you should vote ‘yes’, plain and simple.


This proposal will pass ONE DAY (even if Dharma fails) because it is FAIR. The defy ecosystem is based on money legos. One lego is IMPORTANT to other legos to be able to do something greater and better. Dharma, 1inch and others legos are extremely important to Uniswap. The PEOPLE (common users and devs, not bots) that interacted with Uniswap, DESERVE their reward too! And the reward will happen sooner or later.

If someone want to help Dharma, delegate to them:


The point is to gauge community support for the methods that Dharma is using to push this proposal through governance.

Even Nadav agreed that there may be better & more mutually beneficial ways to go about this issue that this proposal doesn’t address.

I can see on twitter that crypto whales posting 40 50 addresses and publically stating that they own multiple accounts and got UNI airdrop.

That’s was unfair and its not opposed by anyone.

But when you use an app like dharma you only have accessed through 1 account.

Most users don’t go to an extent to create multiple accounts on this type of apps.

What dharma doing is right by all means.
You are just creating buzz to yourself.

I hope u . . . . . . .


well said ,i hope the proposal gets passed and we move on to other things


Do you really believe that whales created several account for UNI airdrop?

Please be serious one minute

Dharma should launch it. Its crazy why people love to talk about this, its a no brainer decision. Dharma itself wont profit from it, only the endusers.


why does this poll not have the option to vote no? it only subtly has one option. this is why we don’t trust dharma

i want to receive some uni i am so bad economically :frowning:

'Guys, that’s our chance! Leshner (@rleshner) has voted for the Dharma proposal! Mark @gauntletnetwork on his post and ask them to rethink about their vote! Something like this: @gauntletnetwork please, rethink about your vote!

@Hiturunk I disagree with you a lot here, but at least you voted. Was watching your address to see if you would just let it quorum no on this proposal.

I’m with Dharma, there users are contributing to the economic ecosystem too. Yay . :+1:t4: