What do you think of the initial airdrop?

As you know, six months have passed since the airdrop. What do you think about it:

  • Was it positive for the project?
  • Have you achieved the initial objectives of the Governance group?
  • Did the number of users increase?
    -It has been a success?
  • Should it be repeated when it is one year old?

In my opinion, all the answers are yes. I hope many have the same opinion.

I await your comments
A hug to all


definitely be repeated. new to the project so of course id agree. but in the case of the project it could help spread the love for UNISWAP and UNI and push out what the project does for its collectors


The project is awesome, the approach was wonderful, for me I think the airdrop has really catapult uni to great high hight making uni as one of the most traded token and if the airdrop is been repeated I think is a great idea


I feel like there would be a massive use case to create a v2 Uni token that interacts with the original token and then to airdrop v2 as you say instead. Thus creating momentum and getting people to use it and making further massive utility for Uni. The question is then, what use case could a Uni v2 have. There’s a lotta ways to do this, and not just like how eth and gas work either. Compounding 2 tokens almost always works well when they’re designed that way right?

  1. Definitely created positive noise for the protocol, at least initially.
  2. Yes & no, this forum is extremely quiet, despite all the tokens given out, now $10K to everyone, very few people are on the forums discussing new ideas.
  3. Yes, but so has all of DeFi which is great to see.
  4. see point 2, everyone just wants free money rather than actually develop the protocol, I don’t see how wasting enormous amounts of the treasury helps when most people will just dump there token (Allowing whales to scoop up for cheap and centralise the project) really helps, maybe it should be repeated to those that didn’t sell, but I’m skeptical of that.

Completely agree!
I am concerned about the low participation in the forum. Also, that many users after the airdrop have gone to the competition.
About a new airdrop, this time, the second, I think other factors should be added in addition to a snapshot.

We should create a new topic in the forum so that everyone can comment and look for fair formulas


This airdrop has really expand the community and had brought smile to the life humanity.
All my answers are YES!!! to your questions
We are here to STAY


the airdrop was positive
the only negative thing about it is that people expect it to happen again
pro tip : it won’t
governance will most likely never vote to dilute itself for no good reason (out of pure generosity)





I hope in April there will be a surprise for the uniswap airdrop


There is no upcoming drop. Ever. It’s been confirmed by the team.
If there was a drop, governance would have to vote for it. And the chances are that will never happen. Like 99.999999% chances it won’t ever happen.
STOP :stop_sign: expecting something that’s garanteed not to happen.
And also it’s becoming annoying that ever discussion about Uniswap is like 1/3rd people asking for an airdrop. Just stop ! :stop_sign: :no_entry: :no_entry_sign: :no_good_woman:

Expecting a second air drop also gives scammers a way to scam and prey on gullible people.
So expecting a drop benefits scammers in reality.


Maybe they should read a little more:

UNI will be transferred to the governance treasury on an ongoing basis according to the following schedule. Governance will have vested access to UNI beginning October 18, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. UTC.

Year Community Treasury Distribution%
Year 1 172,000,000 UNI 40%
Year 2 129,000,000 UNI 30%
Year 3 86,000,000 UNI 20%
4th year 43,000,000 UNI 10%

UNI team, investor and adviser assignments will have tokens locked on an identical schedule.


Maybe they should read a little more:

Year 2 129,000,000 UNI 30%

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My answer yes.
I agree with you.

Completely agree! the airdrop was positive

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Я думаю стоит повторить Аирдроп! Это пойдёт только на пользу проекту и сообществу и привлечёт больше людей

Hi there , I only have to agreement , that for every of this question one sense answer is simply YES , and this whole things are very positive tk further progress of the Uni enviroment.

Yes…it’s must repeat again.

I cant find mine somehow it won’t locate me

the airdrop was positive despite the fact that nibody participate to the governance.
the rewards should not be awarded to holders but to those who actively participate in the governance of the uni and who are involved in it
apart from that the holders not involve should not receive a new airdrop; it’s pretty easy to keep a token to make a profit- the engagement is more complicated

Actions sur le sujet

it will never be repeated again, you can be certain :slight_smile: