All Uniswap users should Get Airdrop Who ever Traded Before 15 Sep 202

This is my point of views may be you not agree with , I think all those users who traded ever in uniswap before airdrop airdrop announcement should get airdrop , like I traded 5 sep 2020 but I never knew that there will be an airdrop for Uniswap users but all those who traded before 1st Sep got Free tokens but we did not , if we did not get then I think who traded before they also should not get any free tokens , because we used same like they used so we should also treated equal to them


See New Snapshot as of 9/15/2020 to include users from 9/1/2020 until the announcement was made


I agree completly, in my case i did my first transactions on 2nd September, since then i’m trading almost daily and i didn’t had the AirDrop right…

I know members who did 1 or 2 small transactions 3 months ago and since there they didn’t anything else and they got the UNI.


I think everone should get and hope team announce soon that all users can claim who traded before the Airdrop


I disagree. Too much chance for insider trading once they planned to do this. Also, it was not an air drop.

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The snap shot date was chosen for a reason, I still believe that it should the community shouldn’t readjust that.

I believe proposals to give out uni to users who missed are now only interested in the financial incentive but not interested in helping the community improve and grow.

This is the way I see it.


Locking this thread @Pendragonz already referred to a similar topic.