Michigan Blockchain Delegate Platform

Michigan Blockchain Delegate Platform

Contact & Delegate information.

Wallet Address: 0x13BDaE8c5F0fC40231F0E6A4ad70196F59138548

ENS: michiganblockchain.eth

Twitter Handle: @UMichBlockchain

Email: defi-delegates@umich.edu

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Website: General Site 2

About Us

Michigan Blockchain is a student-run organization at the University of Michigan, involved in building blockchain leaders since 2019. We offer our members educational and professional development, in addition to project-based opportunities. Over the past six years, Michigan Blockchain has partnered with over 20 organizations and has governed a combined $30M in delegations. All new members go through a semester-long cohort that teaches them about the fundamentals of blockchain and provides them exposure to a diversity of blockchain applications. Our educational program prepares members for organizational involvement through three main avenues: governance, consulting, and investment.

Governance Overview

Our team has actively participated in governance voting and spearheaded proposal development for 5 primary protocols: Uniswap, Arbitrum, Compound, Origin Protocol, and Stader Labs. Each protocol is assigned a designated expert, responsible for continuous monitoring of the protocol’s developments on forums, social media, and voting platforms (Snapshot and Tally).

At committee meetings, protocol leads share updates with the entire governance team on active proposals and debate the pros/cons to reach a collective decision on how to vote with our delegated tokens. We have a high participation rate, having reviewed and kept up our voting record for each delegated protocol. Additionally, our team has successfully led the establishment of proposals from start to finish. Prior to publicization, we collaborate with numerous stakeholders including investors, DAO service providers, and other protocols to draft proposals properly.

By delegating to our organization, you permit your tokens to be effectively and actively used for furthering innovation on the leading decentralized exchange. We aim to have the Uniswap DAO serve as a role model for decentralized community participation and further solidify its position in the DeFi landscape.

Historically, we have interacted on Uniswap forums under individuals’ names, but going forward it will be under the Michigan Blockchain name.


  • Fostering an inclusive community that encourages diversity, education, and open-minded discussions to produce the best ideas
  • Ensuring sustainability through the long-term success of the protocol, along with governance token value accrual for the benefit of the DAO without negatively impacting dapp users
  • Promoting open communication and visibility to build trust while prioritizing flexibility to swiftly address issues

Possible Conflicts of Interest

We are active governance contributors to ARB, COMP, OGN, and SD.


June Voting Update
Arbitrum LTIPP Incentive Matching

  • Michigan blockchain has voted for the $750K incentive match on the temp check and on-chain votes. The ~1:1 match in USD demonstrates Uniswaps commitment to maintain its competitive edge in the ecosystem plus strengthen its relationship with Arbitrum. We support the current plan to use the funds to incentive LPs, but are also open for the funds to be used in other creative ways as discussed above. We trust the funds will be allocated in the most effective manner.

For voting prior to this, @AbdullahUmar was in charge of Michigan Blockchain’s delegation so we will be linking his responses as ours as well below. We feel the same way and our reasoning can be reflected through these posts.

May Voting Update
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Uniswap Delegate Reward- 3 Months Cycle 1 - On-chain

April Voting Update
[Temp Check] Onboard Uniswap to Sei - Snapshot
Update Uni v3/v2 Deployment Process (March 2024) - Snapshot
[Temp Check] Uniswap Onboarding Package - Manta - Snapshot
Onboarding Package Bundle - On-chain
Update Uni v3/v2 Deployment Process (March 2024) - On-chain
Uniswap Treasury Working Group (UTWG) Election - Snapshot
DeFi Education Fund Temp Check - Snapshot
DeFi Education Fund Temp Check- Options - Snapshot
Mobilizing the Uniswap Treasury - On-chain

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