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Contact & Delegation Address Information

Delegate address: 0xAac35d953Ef23aE2E61a866ab93deA6eC0050bcD

Delegate ENS address: atiselsts.eth

Twitter: atiselsts_eth (DMs open!)

My voting activity: Boardroom

My discussion activity:


I’m a researcher and consultant fascinated with the Uniswap protocol.

My approach for the DAO governance is to look at the data (where possible) before making any decisions, and aim to increase the robustness, decentralization, sustainability, and transparency of the Uniswap’s ecosystem and its governance. My aspiration is that both the Uniswap protocol and the DAO should be models for the rest of this industry.

I’d support

  • Cautious progress with the fee switch, with slow rollout and carefully designed experiments.
  • Creating committees and focused groups within the DAO for specific tasks, similar to the Deployments Accountability Committee.
  • Funding initiatives and friendly forks — only support those that clearly benefit the protocol ecosystem. Public goods funding is important, but keeping Uniswap credibly neutral is more important.
  • Measures that add more transparency & accountability to the UF and its grants.

Why me?

  • I’m deeply familiar with the technical aspects of Uniswap, and have been involved in its ecosystem since 2021. This includes writing a Uniswap v3 math explainer that is widely read in the dev community; consulting builders and LPs; answering questions in Stack Overflow and the Uniswap discord; writing on LP strategies as part of a UF’s grant.
  • I have some real-world governance experience as the chairman of the scientific council in my research institute, and a solid reputation and professional accomplishments in my career outside of crypto (>1000 academic citations for my work, h-index around 20).
  • Last but not least, my potential conflicts of interest are minimal, as I am not professionally affiliated with any DeFi companies, protocols or other DAOs, aside from owning a small company of my own that assists developers within the Uniswap ecosystem.

In my view, LPs are the most important stakeholders in the Uniswap’s ecosytem. Without LPs there’s no liquidity, and without liquidity there’s no trading. In order to make DeFi competitive with centralized exchanges, the LP experience and opportunities must be improved. Furthermore, this must be done in a way that keeps the door open for retail and passive LPs, ensuring that democratic and decentralized participation remains an option.


1. Complete initial funding of the UF
Vote: Yes, fund UF
Summary: The Uniswap Foundation is doing a good job, and is critically required for the Uniswap ecosystem, essentially serving as the executive arm of the DAO. While some aspects are less-than-optimal in their funding proposal in my opinion, I appreciate its general direction and their willingness to adjust to feedback.

2. UADP Team Election
Vote: Abdullah Umar - @Michigan Blockchain
Summary: Abdullah’s experience and thoughtfulness make him a very suitable candidate.

3. UAGP Team Election
Vote: Nneoma_StableLab, Honn, JoJo, Sov
Summary: My decision was based on carefully reading the candidates profiles and on information about their previous roles.

4. Temperature Check - [Issue a Visa Card with Uniswap Logo ]
Vote: Abstain
Summary: The intellectual property belongs to the Uniswap Labs; the DAO should not vote on such matters.

5. [Temperature Check]: Invest in Ekubo Protocol
Vote: No change
Summary: Interesting proposal that I wanted to like but could not. Concerns are related to the general lack of investments strategy for the DAO, lack of details required for proper due diligence in this particular case, and high FDV of the future token.

6. [Temperature Check]: Delegation of UNI to Active but Underrepresented Delegates
Vote: For
Summary: In favor, hoping it will increase the participation of the delegates in voting and help to decentralize the DAO.

7. Deploy Uniswap V3 on Scroll
Vote: For
Summary: Scroll is an emerging L2 with a good potential and Ethereum alignment. It has a trustless native bridge which will be used for message passing.

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