PGov Delegate Platform

PGov Delegate Platform

Delegate Name: PGov
Delegate Address: PGov.eth (0x3fb19771947072629c8eee7995a2ef23b72d4c8a)
Forum Handle: @PGov @Juanbug

Our Voting History: Boardroom

Core Principles:

  • Growth: We see great potential for Uniswap and look forward to helping the protocol grow as much as possible
  • Cross chain deployments and v4 initiatives: We see great use cases in the future for growth in the areas of cross chain deployments and v4. Of course, there are many other avenues but we have found interest and expertise in these.
  • Transparency: Clear communication with votes and explanations of reasoning

Delegate Statement:

As a team of dedicated governance enthusiasts who have been in the crypto governance space for over two years now, we’re excited to officially create this thread to organize our voting presence and communications for the last 6 months. Having already been active voters for over half a year on Uniswap, we believe this protocol is uniquely positioned and has some of the strongest and most intelligent community and foundation members we’ve seen across all of defi!

Our primary goal is to use the knowledge we have learned in the past to help grow UNI and its community. We’ve been UNI community members for over years now and are excited to continue as official recognized delegates!

Conflicts of Interest & Resolution:

Abstain from the vote if a situation arises a conflict of interest, and clearly state on forums the conflict.