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Delegate Introduction

Name: @SEEDGov

Wallet Address:

  • Address: 0x12b30979b9a53bb0b42deaaa974ac9304fab0832


We are excited about the opportunity to join Uniswap Governance, where we hope to contribute significantly to one of the longest-running DeFi protocols in the ecosystem. We have a dedicated team of SEEDGov members, passionate about Uniswap and committed to governance activities.

The main objective of this delegation will be to maintain active and meaningful participation, contributing to the growth and evolution of Uniswap Protocol Governance within Ethereum and other chains where available, as an entity that deeply resonate with our values and principles.

Our delegation will include our members @Cris, @Jadmat, @AnonBuilder, and the entire SEED team at disposal as well as other consultants necessary for the comprehensive elaboration, assessment and analysis of proposals.

What is SEEDGov?

SEEDGov is as a dynamic and evolving vertical within the SEED Org ecosystem, dedicated to shaping the future of decentralized governance in the web3 space through active participation, community engagement, decision-making and experimentation by anticipating emerging needs of DAOs and protocols, while acknowledging the importance of context-specific approaches to minimize governance where appropriate and professionalize it where necessary.

SEEDGov is the first Latam based Delegate Platform actively engaging in various governance activities. Rooted in community values, we’ve shifted from educational models to a participatory approach, driving a new chapter in how individuals collaborate, coordinate, and decide in the ever-changing landscape of Web3.

Our scope of work across various projects and protocols includes managing grant and allocation programs, designing and implementing governance infrastructure, creating and overseeing incentive programs, and onboarding builders to align with protocol needs.

Operating within established frameworks, our dedicated platform go beyond the traditional role of delegates. We are functional and deeply committed to the success of the protocol through every decision we make.

How we work

As a professional delegate platform SEEDGov collaborates with communities and partners to ensure credible representation of all interested in Web3’s future. Since its inception, SEEDGov has advocated for critical thinking through education. We do not endorse scams or collaborate with blockchains, projects, or protocols that are not aligned with our core values.

The members selected to be part of our delegation will collaborate both directly and indirectly with other SEEDGov members. Any decisions made by this delegation regarding governance will be thoroughly discussed and communicated to all stakeholders through our discussion channels and seamlessly executed through specialized working units.

When a project aligns with our principles, we proactively take steps to ensure its success, whether through offering informed opinions or taking concrete action. We believe in more than just participating; we believe in actively shaping and improving projects within our sphere and we are committed to expressing our principles and rationale in a clear, transparent, and detailed manner in this forum.


Participation in forum discussion threads and daily activities represent the opinions of SEEDGov and collaborators in their efforts to stay up to date with their roles and commitment to governance. Regular discussions occur prior to deciding our next steps and opinions about governance topics that arise, all through this profile.

Our delegation will do its utmost to represent and embody our values to enhance Uniswap governance:

  • Decentralization: Uniswap is one of the most decentralized DeFi protocols and all of our initiatives and proposals will align with this same principle. Along with this position, and as the ecosystem continues to mature and be driven by its community, we will collaborate in the creation, iteration, and improvement of governance processes to ensure broader participation and that the system remains secure.
  • Community Led Growth & Sustainability: We will promote and support all initiatives that enable the growth, adoption, scalability and innovation for Uniswap ecosystem. Our focus will be placed on ensuring that all growth initiatives are reliable, secure, and sustainable over time.
  • Security: We will always make sure that no DAO decisions will jeopardize the security of the protocol and thus harm users.
  • Ethos and Support: We will actively contribute to the governance of the protocol and its ecosystem worldwide, looking forward to working with other interested delegates to promote the Uniswap mission and encourage others to actively participate in DAO governance.

Why Uniswap?

Uniswap’s success, achieved independently of the core development team since its deployment, demonstrates the significant demand for permissionless financial services. From our perspective, some strengths make this protocol a special case:

  • Innovation: Uniswap is consistently at the forefront of pioneering innovations in DeFi infrastructure technology. Its open and permissionless architecture fosters innovation by enabling anyone to create and encourages experimentation and the creation of novel financial instruments, driving the growth and diversity of the DeFi ecosystem.
  • Accessibility: The Uniswap ecosystem has outpaced others in driving widespread adoption. Its accessibility reduces barriers to entry, democratizing decentralized finance for users globally.
  • Capital efficiency: Uniswap typically outperforms other AMMs in terms of capital efficiency due to its concentrated liquidity model (V3). The efficient use of capital allows to handle larger trades with less price impact, making it very competitive and attractive among other AMMs.

Our case

We see Uniswap as an infrastructure layer set to drive innovation throughout the entire ecosystem. Being part of this space will enable us to continue understanding, building, and participating in the following verticals (among others):

  1. Extensive Composability: Uniswap’s vast integration with hundreds of interfaces and applications ensures a smooth interaction within the DeFi ecosystem. Is our intention to actively participate in decisions that enhance and expand these integrations, further solidifying Uniswap’s position as a critical infrastructure layer in DeFi by contributing ideas for improvements and applications, whether for hooks (V4) or any other innovation/technology from Uniswap or external ones that we can implement into the protocol.
  2. Governance: Uniswap’s governance framework is designed to be as constrained as possible, focusing only on essential areas to maintain neutrality and trust minimization. Despite a large community, only a small fraction actively participates in governance, potentially limiting smaller stakeholders voices. Maintaining good participation rates, active discussions, and healthy governance with genuine engagement is crucial for a DAO’s effectiveness. We believe Uniswap can address these challenges by empowering community involvement, overcoming voter apathy, onboarding new participants, and streamlining governance frameworks.


SEEDGov is a broad organization with a high participation in some of the most prominent governances in the ecosystem such as Optimism, Arbitrum, Gnosis, Starknet, Connext and we also constitute Sovereign Finance AVC in MakerDAO. As mentioned above we come to Uniswap Governance to bring value, in case there is any conflict of interest, we will communicate it to the community members.


Proposal: Uniswap Arbitrum LTIPP Matching

Vote: 1M

Summary: We voted in favor and chose as the first option 1 million, as we believe in supporting Arbitrum’s experimental program to foster growth within the second most impactful chain in DeFi, which is significant for Uniswap where the protocol is the leading Dex. Although we acknowledge the complexity of maintaining retention and liquidity levels post-program, these types of programs greatly improve KPIs like DAU, TVL and volumes in general.

We accept to accompany these instances, on the verge of genuine sustainability/impact improvements. We also believe that the chosen amount can positively impact with minimal risk for the DAO, in terms of continuing to forge a relationship with Arbitrum.

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