[Learn] How to provide liquidity and earn UNI

The initial liquidity mining program went live last night. Users can now earn UNI tokens by being a liquidity provider for one of the following four pools and then submitting these liquidity tokens on this page:

5,000,000 UNI will be allocated per pool to LPs proportional to liquidity, which roughly translates to:

  • 83,333.33 UNI per pool per day
  • 13.5 UNI UNI per pool per block

That being said, we cannot estimate for you how much your rewards will be, you can do so yourself on the UNI pool page.

The following steps need to be made:

  1. Provide liquidity on one of the above pools
  2. Head over to this page and ‘deposit’ your liquidity tokens in the pool you participated in.
  3. That’s it, you’ll see your reward estimate and the time the initial reward pool will still be open for.
    Note: without depositing the liquidity tokens on this page you will not receive UNI, just providing liquidity to one of the pools isn’t enough.


Hi, I am new to this, please let me know how to do it and what to do it in this. Thank you

Hi Tanwarn,

Please read the post, as there’s steps to follow.

@TMod_Marco pls stand by as I will chat you up to put me through incase I encounter issues pulling this off

Thanks, this was very helpfull

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Already add eth/usdt to mine, but i didn’t see how much I deposit ? Only profit.
I mean on the “Pool” there is how much x/y you deposit but on “Uni” i didn’t see it ?

Hi Ilvito,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean with this. However, if you need support, then you’d be best of joining the Discord channel :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/WXbXXd

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Very informative post. Thanks for the instructions. Once I added liquidity I was given the LP tokens. I have deposited these in the pool so hopefully I start to get some UNI :smiley:

Hi Marco

Can you please provide a guide on how to remove liquidity from eth-dai pool.
I already exited the pool and the LP tokens shows in my balance but how do I extract the eth and dai from the LP tokens ?


I don’t know where to post this. I just saw this website and could guess it’s not legit.

Could we try to stop this?

Go to https://uniswap.info/accounts.

Enter your public address while connected to your wallet, scroll down to your provided liquidity pools (positions) and select ‘remove’.

@pfleck That’s a fake account indeed. At the end of the day, we do what we can to remove it from the forum, but other than that people need to DYOR.

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this site is scam.warning warning
scam sacam scam

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Hi Marco,

I have had a problem for weeks now I can’t remove my liquidity pool. I then approve when I click confirm nothing is happening. I don’t know what to do, can you help me?

Hi Nessma,

That’s interesting, a smart contract / tx should pop up. It’s probably best for you to join the support Discord channel and ask your question there as this is the governance forum: https://discord.gg/uhPsC4


i have provided liquidity into the same pool twice, on two different time frames. Is there a way i can partially remove liquidity now? Or is the only way to fully remove it and then re-add it partially back?

Please use the support Discord channel: https://discord.gg/EWE9ACU.

It gives you the option to select how much liquidity you want to remove on the dedicated page.

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exactly I’ve had since Coimbase introduced UNI TOKENS have had over 1000 UNI V2 liquidty dont understand burn needs to be easier lost over 3000 USD$ wont hear crying risk is the game but I’m a little guy and thought UNISWAP was built for people like myself seems only for bots, fake token producers, whales, and programmers NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY

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what are you talking about? Just don’t fomo in shady tokens. That’s fairly easy

not when I try to retrieve liquidity it all goes to this one address my tokens and the liquidty tokens. I had eth and wbtc no fake shit …

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@BDizz @birdwoman This is a governance forum, not the support Discord channel.

BDizz, when providing liquidity you are subject to price volatility. You can read about these risks online. There’s a lot of guides and content about this. I’d recommend you learn about this before trying to provide liquidity.

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