Questions from new members about UNI

Can I claim UNI if ​​I swap a token at Uniswap now?

You earn UNI by providing liquidity to certain pools, not swapping. This could be possible after a future governance proposal though, if you’d like to create one.

What trading pairs can I provide liquidity and earn UNI tokens? Or is this a Myth?

@alfrz26 Please read: [Learn] Requirements & How to claim your 400 UNI

@LosMontana420 Please read: [Learn] How to provide liquidity and earn UNI

These two posts should help you. Let’s not make too many threads asking the same questions :wink: Therefore, locking this post :slight_smile:


Пока не понимаю как зарабатывать у вас токены, если кто может рассказать или дайте ссылку. за ранее благодарю.

Im needing help with the tutorial