How do I provide liquidity with my UNI?

Hey guys, not sure how to provide liquidity with my UNI.

Currently, you can’t provide liquidity with your UNI tokens but you can provide liquidity using these pairs

  • ETH - DAI

  • ETH - USDC

  • ETH - USDT

  • ETH - WBTC

Also, you will receive rewards with UNI for providing liquidity of above four pair

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It’s pretty easy!

Go to:
And click ‘’+ add liquidity’’ in the top right corner.

Then follow the steps on the liquidity page. Note that you’ll have to add the same amount of ETH (in value) as UNI to be a liquidity provider.


Clarifying question: if I’m adding my LP tokens (ETH/USDC for example) to the UNI mining pool, will that still allow me to receive liquidity fees for providing liquidity to ETH/USDC in addition to UNI tokens? — hopefully the question makes sense :blush::pray:


Yes, still you can receive trading fees

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sweet thanks! one more: any advantage of doing it sooner rather than later – other than starting to mine earlier? im asking because gas fees are nutz right now…


Hey, read the “Liquidity Mining” of the this blog post:
Where you can find the answer


thanks – i did alread :wink: and i didn’t find the answer. in other words is there a cut of date or deadline to redeem tokens?

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No deadline was communicated. Considering there was a snapshot, I’m pretty sure you can claim whenever.

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Could someone ELI5 how Impermanent Loss works? Would like to do the Liquidity Mining but I don’t want to end up losing money


You only earn swap fees from token swaps that occur after you added liquidity to the pool, so the earlier you do it, the longer your time exposure to potential fee accrual is, depending on how long you decide to add liquidity, the exchange value of token swaps, and the frequency of swaps.

If you’re in a pool early, you’re more likely to have a greater share of the fees, since less people are typically in the pools initially. That’s why the first LPs or stakers of a yield token tend to reap greater rewards, because they earn a disproportionate amount of tokens while the initial distribution rate is still significant, and the number of liquidity providers (and total value provided) is still low.

This is not investment advice. I encourage you to DYOR


I agree with you @miligramkiloton. I guess I’ll have to fix myself onboard as soon as possible. Funds ain’t complete yet. I even missed the airdrop🤦‍♂️.

hi if i provide 1000 dolar to one of the liquidity pairs , how much uni tokens do i get a day

I did one and it worked, then failed to lose my eth …

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Say I add 10 Eth to the liquidity pool, how can I calculate my potential return of UNI earned?

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@adam @hamdi

After providing liquidity to one of the four pools, head over to this page:
Click ‘deposit’ at one of the four pools and select how many liquidity tokens you’d want to provide - then you’ll see an estimation.

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