Initial LP rewards tokens not received

Hello, I was one of the initial LP’s in the four rewards pools for mining Uniswap tokens and after the rewards pools ended on November 17th, I removed my liquidity but have not received any Uniswap tokens at all. Can anyone tell me why that is? It was my understanding that you would receive some tokens for providing liquidity in the initial rewards pools. Any help for would be greatly appreciated.


For me it worked fine. Just to be sure: did you provide the liquidity AND staked the liquidity? My liquidity has there been before and I don’t removed the liquidity, just staked and unstaked the lp tokens (at during unstaking you get you UNI rewards.

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Crap I didn’t know you had to stake them, all I didn’t was add them to the liquidity pool through my metamask wallet on the uniswap because exchange. So basically I wasted the last 2 months. It wasn’t clear that you had to stake them, or at least I didn’t see anywhere where it said there was another step.


Sorry for bad grammar, phone is autocorrecting to the wrong thing lol.

sorry for you, but I doubt it was a waste (and maybe it would have been better not to remove the liquidity unless you have some better investments to do). I am quite happy with the lp earnings (although these were lower during the incentive period cause of the lower relative trading volume) and will not remove the liquidity just because the incentive ended.

Sorry dear! An oversight on your side. You didn’t bother to check accruals from your liquidity mining. When you provide liquidity you will receive LP UNI-V2 and will also be earning a share of 0.3% trading fee. Next you need to stake the LP UNI-V2 token to be earning UNI.

I once had that oversight when I newly started until I realized I wasn’t earning UNI weekly so I had to recheck my staking tab and did the right thing.

I checked my fee earnings regularly and so I knew I was earning trading fees. I didn’t think my uniswap tokens would increase daily because I thought they would appear once you removed your tokens. My plan was to remove my liquidity to make sure I actually got my uniswap and then put some liquidity back in. It’s unclear, especially for people like myself who are relatively new to crypto.

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I wonder how many people made the same mistake I did and therefore uniswap got people’s liquidity and didn’t have to reward those people with uniswap tokens, it’s a bit shady. If you look at the website it doesn’t say anything about staking. It just says add liquidity pairs to one or more of the ETH based mining pools, which is what I did. I am very disappointed in this whole thing.

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Just like you, I did not stake the LP UNI-V2. I checked the rewards everyday and saw the transaction fees and also saw the LP UNI-V2 but figured the UNI tokens were going to be distributed at the end of the farming period. I bet a lot of folks didn’t know this either but too ashamed to disclose. It’s my fault I suppose but this means my incentive for commitment to this community just disappeared. Good luck Uniswap, I out.


Yes exactly I thought the tokens would be distributed at the end so I didn’t get alarmed when the tokens werent being added daily or weekly. I won’t be supporting Uniswap anymore either.

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I made the same mistake as you :persevere:

Sorry for your pain! It’s purely an oversight on your side. Kindly accept that we learn by mistake to advance further. Unicorn holds a lot of goodwill for you, don’t back out too early.

I wouldn’t consider it an oversight on my part. Instead it is more of a lack of proper and clear instructions from uniswap. I have spoken with several other people who also didn’t stake their uni-v2 because they didn’t know they needed too.

Stick with Unicorn, you won’t regret it after all.