Proposal that Airdrop Snapshot time will never be changed

No retroactives, no redistributions for Dharma users, etc. I have a feeling if this isnt made clear by voters it will continue to be a subject for threads and discussion, distracting us from moving forward with good governance. At any rate its something I would personally for Yay on.

Also, no changes on the 9 months to claim the free UNI.


We need to draw the line at some point, because everybody will start asking for free UNI because thats just how the internet works.

Nobody deserves free UNI, don´t even myself, i just happens to be on the good side for once and im happy about it.

If you truly thinks this token is undervalued and it will go up, then you had your chance to buy some when it went out (and now some more). If you only wish for free money, im sorry, but im also greedy as you, and if we start giving UNI to everybody then mine will losts its value.


Exactly. Its just a bonus. I started using Uniswap 4 months ago, had uniswap done a drop the day before I started for early users, Id chalk it up to bad luck and would still use Uniswap. You have to draw the line somewhere.


people need to get over it and use uniswap more. I receive over 3600 UNI from 10 different wallets making calls all year

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B-b-b but thats not fair I only had 2 wallets!!! :hot_face:

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I don’t think this proposal is valid per the Uniswap (based on Compound) governance architecture. Proposals are executable code, so you can change the state of the system but can’t make commitments that governance will not vote for something in the future. The only way to prevent airdrops would be to burn the community UNI treasury - IMO not a great call.

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True I thought about that.

It is definitely not fair to Uniswap users who sold their UNI at $1-5 because of uncertainty in the price, or for those who are buying at the current prices, for suddenly others getting free UNI which they can proceed to dump on loyal Uniswap holders at $8-10 dollars when they receive it, which I see very possible. As a Uniswap holder I feel less incentivized to keep my UNI or purchase more knowing that people will be receiving UNI at the prices we’ve helped maintain and will most likely plummet the price. I’m not really supportive of anymore Airdrops at all. People will keep coming up saying that for some reason it’s not fair they didn’t get free tokens. It will be very hard to keep everyone happy. If you want to get UNI, you would need to support the ecosystem in some way, like buying and holding your tokens, participating in governance and LP. I feel that would be the most fair approach.


Why would it not be fair for users who sold their uni at $1-5? They decided to cash on some coins they received for free. They were actually very fast to sell their coins before anyone else could sell. I don’t see how users that sold their coins straight away have not been treated fair


Is there no way to fix the Dharma situation? I, personally, did not use Uniswap through Dharma but I can still understand that it’s a blow that it wont work because of how it was set up.

But I am still wondering if there is some sort of fix that could be done about that.

Because if many of the people who want to get airdrops now got them at the same time as everyone else, I’m pretty sure they would have dumped it already. No one knew the potential of the Uni token and if the people who sold $1-5 knew it would get to the price it is today, they would’ve probably waited. Now you guys see how much the price is now and of course you want to hop in and get your piece of the pie. But it is not fair for people buying and maintaining these prices for others to suddenly receive free UNI and plummet us back down to 3 or 4 dollars. I’m pretty sure it’s hard for you to understand right now since you just want money that you feel entitled to but if you were on the other side of the table, you’d be against diluting the price of your tokens

I never knew that Uniswap will distribute free tokens , I traded 5 September I think everyone should get who traded before Airdrop announcement because they not traded for airdrop they just used uniswap, if they not eligible then I think who traded before first Sep they also should not get any Free Tokens, if they can get then who traded later they also should get some
hope you understand what I means