Can we end the greed?

Hello UNI community,
As a long time supporter of this project I have to say this airdrop situation is getting a bit frustrating. They obviously had to make a cut off at some point, partly due to legal reasons such as inside trading.
Now everyone ia proposing ways of rewarding current holders with more uni? Isn’t the incentive for governance to ensure integrity and stability? Everyone is just asking for more free stuff when in reality they should be focused on the real implications of UNI.


I understand where you’re coming from, and you do have a point!

With that said, I do want to point out that I firmly believe the UNI token should have monetary value, UNI isn’t a non-profit DAO right?

I believe we’ve got to align this specifically with financial rewards. UNI tokens represent governance rights over the platform, which is essentially ownership of the protocol. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to include some form of financial reward to the people running the show? I think so!

I get where you’re coming from, but bar the retroactive smart contract interaction excluded addresses, I don’t see much demand for an airdrop. Instead, there’s a lot of discussion surrounding how the financial model of the UNI token will unfold. Having to own UNI tokens to earn a return is not free stuff. It’s a reward for being part of the protocol’s governance.

There is indeed a 0.05% fee switch (section 2.4 of the whitepaper) embedded in the protocol, after all. Over time, I expect this to be implemented, with fees flowing to UNI holders or governance participants. (I think it’d be ideal to have it go towards a governance community treasury first.)

In closing, I hope I didn’t completely miss the point! Hopefully you got something of value from my response :beers:!


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