What are the plans to challenge the upcoming rivals?

Proud moment when uniswap overtakes coinbase in terms of trading volume.
But real interest came when people receive massive reward of 400 UNI just for single swap.
Now that the uniswap is great success , i am sure many projects are watching this and will come up with similar ideas about giving maximum rewards to the community . Some of those project could be really high quality as well backed by great leaders . They may even announce about potential rewards even before launching the platform and it could trigger competition for uniswap.
What are the plans to keep up with that competitions ?

I think no platform can achieve the success that uniswap has achieved, because such a large amount and the most 1200 dollar airdrop can even enter the guinnes book of records, other platforms will not give you without getting it.

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This is n1 m8… community is all that atoher dont have… you stick with this unicorn and you set for gold

Locking this topic, please see: How to get more people to become Uniswap users?