Bringing Some Liquidity Back

It’s not a huge problem, as quite a bit of liquidity has seemed to stay at Uniswap the past couple of weeks, roughly a little over $1.5B, and stabilized there. However, since there is quite a bit of competition out there, and growing, it may be worth getting some of it back, to hedge for the future.

Has anyone thought about incentivizing lets say the 4 original pools again with UNI, but, only for LPs as of a certain date, prior to the release of V3 of Uniswap. Since we don’t know the date of the release of version 3, a proposal stating something to the effect that, these rewards are only available to addresses that were LPs one month prior to the release of version 3. That way, liquidity may be tempted to be brought back to Uniswap, and remain there for some time, since the provider may not want to miss out on being eligible for the rewards, and, not knowing the date of the release of V3, keeps the liquidity there, since it is unknown.

The rewards would only start upon the release of V3. The exact amount of the rewards is up for debate.


I’m not entirely sure why you set up a new thread to post this, perhaps you may not already be aware that the idea of incentivising the same 4 pools is being made here -> [Discussion] Uniswap Liquidity Incentive Plan

Doesn’t matter to me which pools get incentivized, same 4, new ones, whatever - the point being to get liquidity back through having an unknown time as to when a snapshot of the pools is taken for the further rewards, thus, potentially, bringing some of the liquidity back for FOMO on the next set of rewards, and keeping it there until, say, another milestone, such as V3 of Uniswap. I didn’t see this suggestion in that thread, and, being that no proposal has even been put forward for a vote from prior threads, perhaps a new angle might be worth discussing.