Hold the investors

Competitors’ attempts to capture a slice of UNISWAP investors with airdrops or other methods are increasingly frequent… do you have a plan to stop these attacks?

Which competitors are you talking about? I’d be curious to see if I’m eligible for any, I didn’t have any luck with 1inch. If I had been eligible, in all likeliness I would’ve sold most of the airdrop to keep in my pockets.

I don’t think an airdrop from another exchange would really persuade me to leave unless they had a specific feature that made fees much cheaper, and/or made the experience of exchanging simpler/easier. The way for the devs to deal with that by engineering uniswap better.

That’s true, I don’t think about it too, but I know peoples who remove from UNI to make it in 1inch and now paraswap with the unreal airdrop ~ $50000… I really don’t read about these projects, but it’s something that’s happening, at least in my network.

We need to be prepared for everything and consider the possibility.

I immediately enter a Uniswap */ETH pool with whatever airdrop comes my way. Keep’em dropping.

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https://claimable.vercel.app/ may be useful.

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