Do we reward loyalty?

I believe that loyalty in our project should be rewarded. We must differentiate ourselves from the competition, for this, I think it would be good to somehow incentivize the members of the community who have been since phases V1 and V2 …

what do you think?


Why are you loyal to Uniswap ?

What would airdropping rewards to user provide ?
Wasn’t the first aidrop exactly what you are describing ?

I think you need to detail the point you want to make a bit more…

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Sorry because I don’t speak English and I had to use Google Translate!

To the first question, tell you that it is the only project that has thought about its users / clients at the time it launched its token. Uniswap has grown exponentially and has rewarded those of us who have bet on it. This is a fact that makes the difference with all the others.

I feel indebted to UNI and I like to think that I have contributed to its success. I will stay true to our project

Regarding the second question, more than an airdrop from a snapshot, create the possibility of blocking
holdings of those users with improved performance groups … basically UNI futures market, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply and a big hug,