We need a system to vet new users of the forum

To prevent raids, opinion manipulation, etc. A good start would be one week old account before able to post proposals.


well it is just the second day of this forum open?? LOL


Don’t think this is necessary. Proposals aren’t even formally voted on or actually proposed here, just a place to discuss proposals before they are created.


Yeah and we are already being raided by one second old accounts lol

Yeah your right, lemme go sign up for 100 accounts and give this comment 100 likes.


That still won’t likely influence anyone or effect the results of a proposal.

And bots could be weeded out other ways like with Captchas or just looked at manually if there is a noticeable jump in new accounts.

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actually this is happening all over the world and seem no method can really stop it, even by your method

A system that is tiered works very well actually.

nope, at least it is not working in hong kong, we have a forum lihkg.com, that use similar method (only allow to like/push post for 1 year old account), still the “red army” is able to flood comment and push post that they aimed to

I assume thats a state actor youre talking about. Thats quite a different thing.

Wow, a feudalism proposal?! I don’t like it but I’m with you on harmful, abusive comments or scams and spammers. The tiered system is dangerous, its kinda why we needed this tech today

exactly, all someone has to do is wait out the qualifying period and carry on

Lol what. A tiered system on a forum just prevents you from making certain posts until after a certain time limit or comment amount. Its purely to prevent spammers, raids , and manipulation.

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Actually this forum is based on the discourse open source software and the way it works is that it actually kind of handles the vetting system on its own. I don’t know exactly how the people here in uniswap set it up but there are several categories that users fall into which prevents a lot of spam and what not.

I think more than being worried about bad actors, what we have to focus on is in making this an active community that people want to join. I am much more worried about low participation than bad participation…


How about we do something like what the bitcoin forums have which is merit and that it is rewarded to the person from the community. I don’t know very much about this method but from what I saw I knew who is new and who has been around and helped others.

Being proactive is a bad thing??

Hi everybody. Have a good day all.

I think that site’s moderators and Discourse’s built-in community moderation systems (for example if a member flags a new user’s post it’s automatically hidden) should be enough to moderate the forum.

Flagging comments helps a lot, the system picks up most of them and hides them. The community can combat new (duplicate) accounts voting/commenting this way.

Not sure why people are worried as mentioned above this isn’t actually where people vote, more than likely 99% of the people commenting on these forums wouldn’t have the 1% to even put forward a proposal

would say its not something to get overly worked up about as most people probably won’t even be able to get further than an idea yet alone officially propose them unless the team brings the price for proposals down (which I personally don’t see happening any time soon)

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