Call for Community Moderators

Congrats to the Uniswap team on a thrilling launch!

It’s my strong belief that in order for this forum to be effective, community-elected moderators should be put in place to help keep order over a growing conversation.

I would argue that strong moderation of the yearn governance forum is what allowed key discussions to shine through and one which should be closely followed here.

For those who feel like they would be a good fit, please comment below to help make the team’s life a bit easier outside of the internal discussion already being had.

Please note, moderation roles are not likely to be paid at inception, but ones which may offer future benefits if and as the community sees fit.



I’m in.
I’m a professional Crypto Community Moderator with excellent oral and written communication skills.

I’d be interested in contributing back to Uniswap!


I can help out. I would like to keep the sushi trolls out of intelligent conversation.


it’s a good idear I like it


I’m a crypto enthusiast and longtime investor since bitcoin inception in 2008. Im passionate about everything crypto!. I’m willing to dedicate my time and energy to this beautiful project called Uniswap.

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I’m in guys. Let’s get the party rolling :slight_smile:

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I am also willing to volunteer my time to help Moderate the community and take some work off of the team’s hand. Will follow this thread to see how the discussion develops.

Best wishes to all.

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Seems like we not to start a thread to call for a community in need of moderation…What’s that not so woke saying again involving chiefs and indians? :scream:

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I would like to volunteer to help community to moderate and make it more valuable in future.

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Agree! It looks like some categories should be put in place to control the flow of the forum.

Edit: Forgot to add that I’m down to help moderate.

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I want to be a moderator at this unique platform. Just want to pay back to uniswap. Consider me during selection process.


Dear Coopahtroope,

I’d be very interested in being one of the (forum) moderators for Uniswap Governance.
Although, I’d love to get more insights in what’s expected (time-wise + activity wise).

I don’t mind doing this voluntarily. I have a long history in community management, including some of the top-tier projects (e.g. Quant Network). I’m still a community manager to date and wouldn’t mind spending some time every now and then on helping out here.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
( < experience displayed in bio)


I will vote for this guy every time. I’m impressed how you are able to effectively do so much consistently.

Keep it up man!


Hi Team,

It feels glad to be here,

I would love to be a part of uniswap in any way possible, as far as community moderator is concerned, I am more of proficient for this as I have been community moderator for few project in past.

Kindly consider me for a community moderator as I can dedicate my quality time to the community.

Looking for to hearing from you,


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I’m willing to be a moderator :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a good amount of experience moderating for large Discord communities, so I’d be happy to help!


I’m interested in it. I’m a uni Lover and My friends and me create a excellent crypto community. Only one man cannot get all . We can do everything.

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hello sir,
I am Nayeem social media Marketer and Telegram community Moderator. I am almost 2 years old to this place as a community moderator Experienced.
Now I am a community & Marketing Expert in CorionX Project.

Telegram Username: @tanvir10

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Great suggestion @coopahtroopa!

Although I’d appreciate it if you could go into further detail about the role played by the moderators for yearn governance forum, means we have a good idea of the kind of standard we want moderators appointed here to adhere to.

I would love it if we had a pinned thread where each of the elected moderators introduced themselves and perhaps maybe even pitched why they would be a good person to delegate Uni governance voting power to.

If we have a solid team of moderators which the community trusts, I hope these people will act in the best interests of the community when voting in governance proposals and wont act on self interest.