We need a system to vet new users of the forum

flagging is good but as you commented we have tons of users abusing the report system because they dont like the opinion, not because it violates a rule. There’s no point in even having this forum if it can easily be abused and manipulated. As I stated before flagged posts need to be manually reviewed every so often by senior admins or mods.

Mods can see who’s abusing the flagging system and take action if they need to. I have seen an account get a 4 day ban for abusing the flagging system on here already.

That being said it’s not really something I would label as one of upmost importance as someone can make as many fake accounts as they wish they’re not the ones voting unless they are holding uni.

Also to note the admins can see who is flagging and abusing flagging. When a post is flagged once it is hidden it can be edited and is automatically unflagged after which if its flagged again it has to be reviewed by an admin before being unflagged.

That being said if a post isnt unflagged it probably means it is more than likely going against Governance Rules and was deemed to be flagged correctly. I think shaming people and making people scared to use the flag button in fear of using it wrong and being seen to be “abusing the flag button” is wrong here

Its going to be much much harder for users to abuse the flag system with new accounts now that they implemented a trust system. Their is still tons of posts that are opinions and do not violate a rule they are still flagged.

And I’m sure admins are watching them, the fact that Marco posted what he did I would suspect must mean he and the other admins have seen a substantial increase of notifications coming into their inboxes for post requiring review and so has felt the need to issue a general warning that abusing the flagging system simply wont be tolerated and could result in action being taken on offenders accounts.

Yes I would agree there has been a very large influx of new accounts which I have notice myself aswell but I’m trying to give the benefit of the doubt that these are really new people interested in Unisap governance and not a single person making multiple account to try to manipulate/abuse the system and or peoples thoughts/views

Nothing wrong with new accounts, as I stated my problem is the comments that are flagged that are clearly not violating any rules and are being flagged out of manipulation. Not that its going to work anyway, Striesand effect.

Yeah it’s an issue but I think it more important to get a middle ground otherwise thing could potentially turn in the other direction would be my worry, with no one reporting anything and the forum becoming littered with spam and non governnace related topics.

I think personally admins laying out clearer governance rules could help in a way regarding what should and shouldn’t be put on the forums, although I am aware they do already have rules out but i fear not many people are reading them.

I also think a lot of moderator time is being wasted cleaning out multiple posts of the same topic if people on here start to help moderators by not creating multiple threads on the same topic unless the topic is vastly different then moderators might be able to spend more time moderating and less time going around closing/locking repeat posts and redirecting people to the correct posts.

Either way admins are looking at posts I agree though less false flagging would mean falsely flagged posts would get unflagged faster but again if it’s been flagged twice then admins are notified and for first flags a simple edit lifts the flag anyway

We only 27 more members to hit 200!

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Toby just told me at 200 members (or more) he will included the Intellivision rom files
Ah, and the official count is: 159 members

Yes, the 2nd game has never been ported to the ColecoVision
It’s not an arcade game, but it could easily be one for sure
You’ll understand once you see what the game is ![;)]