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Should members of https://gov.uniswap.org/ be rewarded with a screenshot?

Should people be rewarded for working and helping people for the development of the community while people only deal with the incoming 400 tokens?

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This post isn’t super clear. Could you explain what you mean by “rewarded with a screenshot”? I also don’t understand what your poll is asking or what the 1 - 10 options are referring to.

If you’re suggesting people should get paid for posting in this forum, I’m firmly against.


If you mean “Should members of gov.uniswap.org be rewarded?”, its something that would be good but, would encourage spam that would actively harm discussions. To avoid this we would need to draw up some rules that to determine which posts/replies benefit the community and which ones harm it.

This is basically impossible to do in a decentralised way. We would need moderators to trawl through content determining if something is good or not. Then we’d need moderators to moderate the moderators to ensure they aren’t colluding to only reward their own posts. Then we’d need moderators to moderate those moderators etc. etc. It isn’t realistic.

A better alternative would be to just reward token holders who vote on proposals.


I don´t think so, we should participate for the sake of participating. If you wanna be rewarded, just HOLD (and stake or wathever we can do with the token) and let the flow of money be your own reward.

I don´t wanna anybody deciding how much can we earn or not, i take the airdrop as a blessing and just that, if you want this to become something bigger you can colaborate in this whole imaginary society, but thats on you.

You can invest either your money or your time, and each one of those will be rewarded by its own natural rules and laws.

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I’m tired of this, all the proposals in this forum are “give me free money”, nobody is going to give you free money for the sake of giving free money, stop being a bunch of pajeets for the love of god.


Anything more than having a streamlined tip system is GOING to be abused. If members consider someone a valuable member they can contribute themselves instead.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if some spammer creates a couple dozens of accounts “just in case” proposals like this are implemented…

lol. So true. I bought Uni from exchanges. So does people should and hold for the future appreciation of the coin. It seems like a good long term investment!