UNI for software developers and content creators

Disclaimer: I’m the author of Uniclient, open source script to monitor Uniswap pool, written in early 2019 and articles explaining Uniswap, so I acknowledge I have a vested interest in this proposal.

UNI drop rewarded Uniswap users and Uniswap liquidity providers, especially those who were active during the early days. However, I feel that some people which contributed a lot to the Uniswap success were left aside: software developers and content creators.

People who wrote code (and made it public for free) to interact with and analyse Uniswap, writers spreading the word about Uniswap, when whole idea of AMM exchanges should be offered some UNI for their work.

I don’t have any concrete proposal, but I think at least some of those contributions should be included in UNI distribution. I’d like to open a discussion if and how this should be done.

PS. Perhaps also some fund should be created for content/software creators in the future.


I agree with your idea, content creators should get the reward they deserve. There may be special programs for content creators available and some allocations will have to be made available. The system is like a campaign to create the best content and select only a few of the best.

For software developers, maybe they can volunteer or they can follow the Bug bounty provided by Uniswap.

This sounds like something that will be handled by governance through the community treasury in the future rather than an airdrop. From the announcement blog:

With 15 % of tokens already available to be claimed by historical users and liquidity providers, the governance treasury will retain 43% [430,000,000 UNI] of UNI supply to distribute on an ongoing basis through contributor grants, community initiatives, liquidity mining , and other programs.

UNI will vest to the governance treasury on a continuous basis according to the following schedule. Governance will have access to vested UNI starting October 18 2020 12:00am UTC.


Thanks. Perhaps we should split the topic into two:

  1. including past contributors in UNI distribution;

  2. create an incentives for future content/software creation. I think limiting this to bug bounty is not the perfect solution.

I fully agree, it’s not even possible to just airdrop it like that, since we don’t know who did what and when. Anyway I wanted to point it out, that some contributions were unaccounted for. From my personal point of view, putting some ETH into pools was much smaller investment than investment of time and effort to write code and article explaining how Uniswap works.

there are still a lot of token allocations to claim. waiting for new programs besides the Luqudity Mining program. Content Creation or something like that will probably be announced soon. Just waiting for the latest information from the team.

Great. I think though that we should first deal with the past before we’ll think about the future.

As we all know in this world nothing is for free,
Any contribution no matter how little or big should be rewarded in one way or another. :slight_smile:

Well, if Uniswap rewarded even failed transactions some things are for free :slight_smile:

It is suggested that forking uni should be considered

I’m not sure how forking Uniswap helps the original one, if this is what you mean.

These failed TXS costed the user Eth in mining fees…so not free.

Compare this with 2 weeks developing software… when Uniswap was a niche exchange. Failed transaction with todays gas price is what? $3?

If anyone could advise me how to proceed further with this, I’d be grateful.