Open Source, How Much Moving Forward

While open source projects benefit so many, and, while Uniswap has thus far generously shared it’s codebase with everyone, even rivals, it is now large enough that the question arises, if this complete sharing is really in the best interests of UNI token holders or not.

It takes time and great talent to develop anything, and the Uniswap team has remarkable talent, and I have faith that this team will continue to develop remarkable, cutting edge products. It’s not just the dev team, but the management team too, real talent, in a world of copycats, fakers, opportunists, and worse, this team has always taken the high ground, and, now, the holders of UNI are benefiting from that.

A discussion should be had over whether this codebase is shared so completely now though. It is hard to develop, it is easy to take. Up until now, this has actually helped Uniswap, in my opinion. But, I don’t feel like complete sharing will help much any longer. Let’s share code that needs to be shared. Let’s make sure code is still professionally audited before being released. But let’s not just hand it out anymore.

Thoughts? Comments?


Do you have a specific example of a repository that could be private instead? It looks like all the public repos in the github are meant for integration or are the contracts themselves.

I have not gone through the repos in great detail, but, one quick example could be

As the interface evolves, should competitors just be able to copy it, tweaking it just slightly, or should they have to employ coders to do the work for their own platform themselves?

Very interesting question!i believe for the team to secure and add more value to the tokens themself maybe deciding to only share with the intent of profit or strategy would make us more valuable.


I agree. Too many scammers are taking advantage of this and creating their own tokens, then bringing down the entire crypto ecosystem when they decide to dump their supply on their users. The devs of Uniswap have worked very hard to create something like this and others just want to copy paste the code and take all our potential LP’s away.


Yes, agreed, and I like that idea of strategic sharing, not everything sharing, which cheapens the hard work put in by the Uniswap team.


I completely disagree with pulling things back to the private space.

I think one of the biggest strengths in the blockchain system and ethereum in particular is how open everything is. Open source development needs to be encouraged, we need to share. If it’s not so profitable for us who hold tokens I personally don’t care as much. I’m in this not to make money but to be part of something that is much greater than my personal greed.

I welcome people taking the code base and doing whatever they want with it. That’s exactly the point of producing public common goods.

The scammers are not bringing down the entire system at all, but instead open source makes it easy for anyone to get into it, to try their own thing, to experiment. There are no secrets being kept, the blockchain is not as big as it can be yet. Open source is great at letting people come up with new things everyday and speeding up development greatly. We work together. All of us.