Small UNI rewards for providity liquidity when needed

Just an idea here. Uniswap benefits from having liquidity, as do the users. We should have UNI rewards for liquidity mining for pairs with low liquidity. Small drops only, a small bonus in UNI every month of continuous liquidity providing. The only problem that I can see currently is that someone could just make a scam token, provide liquidity for it, and reap the rewards. However I think that legit tokens, Uniswap, UNI holders, and users would benefit from higher liquidity. We would need a system to vet tokens as legit projects, seems like UNISWAP already has them in lists ie Kleros, CoinGecko etc. I think the hive mind would do great on accomplishng this.


Hi there,

There are already various open discussions to have other pools rewarded with UNI as well.

Please continue the discussion in: [SURVEY] Liquidity mining program: continuation and restructuring.

Thank you for the participation! :slight_smile: