The $UNI token and its future

Aside from being a governance token, is there any plan for $UNI to have a unique use case? Is there anything we can be looking forward to? Holding this has been a pain and I need some reassurance as I dont see any information about this. Thanks


The main plan is to stay a governance token. Im not sure if there are any other plans than that currently.

But hey! Its good though…the UNI token holders are subsidizing a DeFi Fund, Grants Program, and etc. So, stuff is being done, goodies are being built; however, Im not sure whether the UNI token holders will get a whole lot of benefit from it now. Most likely not, but they will foot the bill for now.


What use case does any other cryptocurrency have other than really boiling down to a mechanism to transfer value? Most cryptocurrencies hold very little utility. And before you mention staking, question yourself if you think that is really a use case.

By holding UNI you’re speculating and investing in a governance and protocol that dominates the majority of DeFi on ethereum. Uniswap is the face of DeFi - wouldn’t you want to own some of it? But like @Buckerino mentioned - there’s still much to be built.


hmm you are right about that. investing in $UNI is investing in the Dex itself. thanks and to @Buckerino for the responses

No worries, but just to clarify - no, its not investing in the DEX itself. Its investing in the UNI token and its governance meaning you relinquish the rights to your capital (until you sell your tokens) to the whims of governance proposals.

Just wanted to make it clear :slight_smile:

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I look forward to Uniswap as a torchbearer for the DeFi space as a whole. Token’s usecase would come with the evolution of the protocols.


I believe that Uniswap is an important piece of infrastructure for the DeFi ecosystem.