State of grants, governance and voting Feb. 2021

While it’s fun to watch the price of UNI rise, I’m quite disappointed in the actual use of the token atm. Even as someone who spends way too much time on crypto twitter and reading up on all kind of topics I have a hard time to keep up with uniswap governance or to actually find where the discussions take place. There is this forum with barely any discussion, there is the discord, the subreddit, … And still there have been only 3 votes in the last half year. Luckily there is the grants program now but I wonder if I’m the only one who has no clue what happens there.
I say this as someone who loves the project and has been following it from the beginning.

  • How do we get people to participate?
  • How can we bundle the discussions in one place?
  • Am I the only one that feels lost here?
  • How can we get a feeling for what the project team is up to with v3?
  • How can we make sure that the UNI token will still be useful with v3?

Absolutely agree with you on this, I’m new to this and really like the project but for new comers it’s kinda hard to understand and actually learn this stuff

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I can confirm without confirming that there is a use-case for the token coming very soon. You will get distributed fees as a capture-value prospect of the Uni protocol.

The only reason why this hasn’t happened yet is because they were scared of being labelled a security from the naughty no-underwear government.

Sushi don’t give a flying f*** about this “security label” and hence their market share caught up for UNI. They are taking risks and innovating, and hence their share price has rocketed from the bottom. So they better release this fast and stop being scared.

We actually live in a world where people are scared to deliver returns to investors because they’re scared of being labelled a security from the government. Wow… this is a bit flipped upside down.

It’s generally known that they don’t release behind the scenes updates we’re working on because we don’t want the competition to copy us. This was voted upon by the Decentralized Community of People we call the Democratic Unicorn Party.

We voted so they release it fast and suddenly

Good luck and chill out. Keep hodling. Unicorn will be over-taking the likes of the Flat-Earth Bitcoin forks in no time.



I think you are point and your ideas are good

There should be a post with the most up to date places for proposals and snapshot voting - I would make it but I don’t know what they are ¯\(ツ)

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