Management of $UNI treasury - temperature check

On june 10 2021, I sold all my UNI (@ 32 usd) bc of the clear legal troubles that were coming down. I put it all into SOL (@ 35 usd).

You can see this in my post here: Consensus Check - UNI should fund a political defense organization for decentralized finance - #106 by jchervinsky (control + f ‘solana’ )

Since then my position is up by 5.5x and UNI is down 20% … the justification for me doing this is that Uniswap Labs is based in NYC, USA ← literally the worst place to be from a regulatory perspective. So all their VC backing was not able to successfully advise them to at least not be in NYC but also to not be in USA.

Additionally, the Defi Education Fund, which is approximately $50 mm in $UNI Tokens which was pushed thru without even a public call - what did it result in?

—The infra bill passed,
—The SEC has started an inquiry which Jake Chervinsky leader of the DEFI Edu fund does not think is a big deal - LOL! Yes 24/365 protocol that does over $1 billion + in volume per 24h its not a big deal when govt starts an inquiry LOL!
—UNI token drop by 20%

If this $50 million was put into $SOL token as I advised, it would be worth over $250 million now. This would be more than enough money for the community to do whatever it wants for a decade.

Its important to not blindly follow religion and to also think outside the box.

Lawyers are not the foundation of crypto - developers are.

I am proposing to manage 10,000 UNI tokens for 1 year. I will invest them how I think best and will return all funds at the end of 1 year. I will not take a fee.

The community can then decide what to do with the gains.


the SEC just made Coinbase stop offering 4% interest, bc they want to protect investors!

note that Uniswap Labs biggest name investors, Paradigm and A16Z led massive rounds into Solana $314 million as well as raising $900 million for FTX.

Both of these happened appx. in the time between the DeFi education fund saga started and now.

Notice how that “institutional” money was not put into Uniswap Labs but instead into an offshore project and exchange. Instead those VCs via their university proxies that they control raided the UNI treasury for $50 million USD.

Instead of raiding the UNISWAP treasury all that had to be done was UNISWAP LABS move off shore and never have started in the USA anyway. This was known since 2017 when they shut down ICO’s etc. and totally destroyed crypto markets.

Really mind blowing how anyone thought it was a good idea to found uniswap in new york USA.

So now if Coinbase w/ 100+ lawyers can’t do it, the great DeFi Education Fund will be able to do it? LOL

The SEC is saying very directly, MOVE OFF SHORE.

I propose to give the defi education fund $ to Hayden and his devs to live very comfortably off shore. This is maniacal. Feels like we’re in crazy land.


and if you think Coinbase will successfully litigate this, you are ridiculously naive

Crypto DOES NOT fit in the traditional SEC regulatory purview which is almost 100 years old by now.

all of these are securities for the most part and we the crypto world just DGAF

so how will the Defi Education fund defeat this? lol

I dont understand the meaning of this post besides the criticism of the DeFi Fund which I mostly agree with, but you are right about one point - UNI token is one of the worst performers in crypto in regards to the size of the project. Its a sad state of affairs.

Usually, when ETH goes up by 1x, UNI goes up by 0,5x. When ETH dumps 1 %, UNI dumps by 2 %

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the point is that if the “community” aka a16z is going to arbitrarily give $50 mm to lawyers, none of which has a significant history as Coin Center does w $1 mm per year budget,


the community should be entitled to invest UNI tokens for the best return …

and i pointed out in June that SOL would be a better return than UNI … so I would like the opportunity to invest a small amount of UNI tokens to gain the communities trust


Do I understand right; you wanted and still want to put part of Uniswap’s treasury to buy hypes like SOL ( as Solana )?


the UNI token treasury should be diversified into assets that do not have significant exposure to gary gensler’s BS

Uniswap ‘community’ plan is basically to lobby the US government aka bribe former regulators to call their friends in government to step off

instead of just Uniswap Labs leaving the USA … look at the top 100 cryptos on CMC. which ones are not plagued by gov’t nonsense? clearly the ones w legal entities outside the USA …

the treasury should be diversified, unclear how this is debatable at this point.

My recommendation to diversify: BTC, ETH, USDC, SOL, LDO, UNI

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why dont the original uniswap VCs discuss uniswap anymore on twitter?

seems like the’ve all moved on to solana … a16z, paradigm, etc. all solana boys now!

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will continue to point out my diversification strategy is valued significantly higher than the current uni treasury. been stating this since june and have put everything on record.

im just a uni pleb, true community member, but no one will listen. since the original post in june, uni token is down 25%.

everything else i proposed is up pretty big (BTC, ETH, SOL, LDO, USDC).

VCs control this show.

do you want to bus solana project ist good idea i think