Staking Option for UNI holders

Hi guys! I hope there is also a staking option for loyal UNI holders to earn more UNI just by holding UNI in their personal wallet. Since hodling UNI in our personal wallet doesn’t gets hodlers a chance of passive income but only gets value appreciation overtime which is for me it takes time before someone able to see and appreciate their rewards for holding UNI in regard to its price increased. This is just my simple opinion. Thanks and more power to UNI and the brilliant people behind UNISWAP project.


You could think of LPing (providing liquidity on the UNI-ETH pair or any other UNI pair in Uniswap) as a form of staking. The APY is good, if you can accept the risk of what we call « impermanent loss ».

I think YFI has staking. I don’t know what it does/how it works, the APY is something like 5% last time I checked.


The Polkadot coin has probably been the best example of how having many staking options and opportunities for your cryptocurrency gets more traders attention and investments. I’d also love to see UNISWAP grow in that direction. More power to UNI!

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