[POLL] Adding value to UNI tokens

Currently, UNI tokens are a governance token, and only a governance token, as such owning uni gives no utility of any sort in the day to day life. As such, liquidity miners are only incentivized to mine uni for a quick profit.

Therefore, I propose the following. Firstly, I propose creating a pool of a part of all transactions handled by uniswap. This is to create a monetary incentive to stake and hold UNI tokens on it’s own. This pool can be an additional fee on top of the 0.35% dedicated to liquidity providers (due to the fact that the volatility on cryptos is big, a small additional percentage would not do much harm.) Alternatively, or additionally this can be taken from UNI miners.

Lastly, I would propose utilizing this pool and offering a stake incentive on the UNI token, these staked tokens should also be usable in the governance, however the staking process should incentivize keeping the UNI token for a long duration of time. Therefore the allocation of the pool of dividends pays out depending on the amount of time you have been staking and the amount of your stake.

How should we create the pool?
  • Take 0.1% From Liquidity Providers
  • Add an extra 0.1% fee to the protocol
  • Fees from UNI Liquidity miners
  • Fees from UNI Liquidity miners + Take From Liquidity Providers
  • Fees from UNI Liquidity miners + Add extra fee to protocol
  • Do Everything

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Should This Proposal Be Implemented?
  • Yes
  • No

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Love the discussion!

But I do want to point out that UNI already has a mechanism to take 0.05% fees on eligible pools. This is already implemented and simply needs to be “enabled” by governance once the fee switch is enabled. (~5 months) This would reduce liquidity providers’ fees to 0.25%.

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You are correct. Closing this thread.