Uni token rewards please read!

Proposing rewards for holding uni token be implemented immediately. No one is holding the difi governace tokens. Look at the market it’s obvious. We need to be the first to implement solid rewards for owning uni tokens. However, their needs to be guidelines…

To earn uni by holding uni, you need to hold your uni! hold for a certain amount of time and you can begin earning. Set it up in stages so that people know if they hold their uni for longer and longer the rewards will be more. Though we need to set a cap, this should be a certain number of uni tokens owned by someone that can earn, say 2000 tokens earn, just throwing it out there. That stops whales, makes thing even steven. Only one wallet. Im sure that is a good start…

People are using the platform and there are doing well. People aren’t holding the tokens. No attraction there, I’m not attracted to them dumping, let’s release the news of this happening, get new user to hold, let’s build the token price, make it less apt to dump, and for sure continue to grow more and more.

Everything else that is done with uniswap need to be done with confidence, building trust with the user being first priority. We don’t have to offer everything right away. But we could make uniswap and it’s token the one stop shop!!


Almost forgot, the percentage someone earns that owns uni but is not appart of the discussions, governace, and voting should be less than if you do activity partake in trying to make uniswap the best in DiFi… people that come up with the ideas, vote, hold the longest, hold at least the max amount of tokens we allow to earn, and maybe more tokens that don’t earn, they will be winners, we can all be winners.

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UNI is for long term success not short-term price pumps.

We as a community can vote what happens to with the protocol and rewards. There is already a thread regarding rewarding UNI holders. I’d advise to read that first and contribute to that thread.


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