Add YFI/ETH pool to list of pools eligible for rewards

The top 5 tokens on Uniswap are already incentivized via liquidity mining, and there is already an existing proposal for $UNI (Add $UNI/$ETH pool to list of pools eligible for rewards). The next clear candidate for $UNI rewards is YFI:

Let’s make it happen :grin:


I 100% support this and will vote in favour of this proposal.


Buying more UNI to vote for this.


Love it. I would vote in favor


A great project like YFI would be an asset to the pools. It’s a great proposal!


Support. Let’s do it.


Take advantage of all tokens that enhance the value of $UNI ecosystem - $YFI is at the top


I support this proposal. YFI is among the most heavily traded pairs on Uniswap. Its holders have shown themselves to be active LPs and governance participants.


I fully support this proposal…please add this and let’s make it…I vote

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I am all for this. Let’s bring it to vote.

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+1, YFI has been one of the most interesting and productive experiments in the Ethereum space in recent history.

YFI + UNI as ‘long-term token partners’ makes sense, YFI:ETH pool rewards make sense.


Should have been listed from the start.

Most traded Uniswap coin and still about 40M of liquidity sitting on Sushiswap.

Also the most vibrant community. The Apex of DeFi.

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I’m in. Booyakasha! :turtle:

Add $UNI/$ETH pool to list of pools eligible for rewards good job

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I am voting “No” for this proposal to incentivise $YFI/$ETH liquidity.

Why is this my stance?

  • There is no real outlined motivation nor goal that is stated for this proposal, I’d like to see more explanation around why this would be good for Uniswap. I believe every proposal for Uniswap should have clearly defined outcomes that are positive sum and beneficial for Uniswap both as a community and as a protocol.

  • The current pairs right now such as ETH/DAI, ETH/USDC, ETHWBTC etc. are staple liquidity pools for DeFi as a whole itself. Better liquidity here both creates a more stable ecosystem as well as establishes greater defensibililty against other competing AMMs DEXs out there in terms of liquidity. I argue that $YFI as great of a project as it is would not fit this bucket (not used as collateral, like other assets mentioned here, but instead is a governance token).

  • Favouring non-staple DeFi assets without a objective reason, potentially threatens the neutrality of Uniswap as a fairly governed public good. This is not to say that this proposal would immediately damage the credibility of Uniswap itself but I do believe it is a slippery slope to a myriad of problems. While I do believe that political political neutrality doesn’t really exist, non-objective decision making is a weakness and would eventually be exploited by bad actors. Rationality is our best strength as a crowd.

As much as I want this proposal to pass to pump my $YFI bags, I think that for those reasons above, I am pass on this one.


Yo lo veo de lujooo El proyecto

I agree 100% with @pet3rpan’s comment above. Just to expand a little bit on it, I think Uniswap should be targeting rewards primarily at “bridge asset pairs”.

eg. Compare USDC token liquidity:

to YFI liquidity:

The only pair with real volume for YFI is the YFI/ETH pair. USDC has several additional pairs with substantial volume and liquidity, and in some cases trades will be routed through USDC even if it’s not the asset being sold or bought directly - acting as a bridge like ETH.


UNI should pay for ETH pair more until uniswap AMM dominate ETH lliquid

Please I need this in my life and it’d be a great ,market pair…

lets do that! What if not YFI?