Retroactive Airdrop to Coin Creators who sent Liquidity to RUG PULL proof Vaut

Dear Uniswap lovers,

we are positively impacted by the strength of this community and we really believe that Uniswap is not only building a Decentralized Exchange but more important than that , it’s giving power to the people who want to create their Blockchain products and now with the governance token it’s an even more important step on the right direction.

I’d like to emphasize here that we at EasySwap believe that UNI tokens are not just a way to make easy money but more important than that it’s a way for us, product/content creator to actively participate on the governance of this Exchange.

That said, I’d like to request your attention to the fact that most of the now reputable products had to fight for their space on Uniswap and due to the storm of scams that was and is still hurting users portfolios, the tool we found to protect the Uniswap users was to send the liquidity tokens to a VAULT CONTRACT that eliminates the changes of RUG PULLS.

We understand that this was a major step taken by many of us, product providers, and it became the new standard of security for Uniswap trading. Almost nobody buys a coin that is not sent to a VAULT.

Of course we didn’t know of the airdrop and what were the conditions to be entitled to these coins and it looks like the airdrop was not given to the accounts

Here it is the address of the VAULT contract that holds our liquidity tokens.

I hope the community shows appreciation to the trustworthy projects that are trying to stand out of the crowd, prevent users from being scammed and bring some value to the decentralization of our assets.


couldn’t have said it better, it’s a shame that scam tokens still prevail on Uniswap but without implementing a listing process which would be anti-decentralised unfortunately these scams will always have a platform.

Good luck and keep fighting and as more and more people become aware of the scams and warnn others the quicker we’ll get through the scam projects to real projects together as a community


Nothing about that is true. It is 100% possible to have a secure and decentralized listing process. Not only that, there are plenty of other ways to counteract the problem.

Do you realize your simply dismissing a team that fundamentally made Uniswap a better platform?

So arrogant. Who are you to tell experts in a field essentially “sorry, best of luck” without having even the most fundamental concept of decentralization!

We already have lists, you could add rankings and clout, implement plenty of trust metrics to listings based on the Liquidity, change in volume, age, etc. to let people know how reputable a listing is.

As long as it runs on a decentralized network, and a community comes to a consensus on it, it is decentralized.


Any token can be traded on Uniswap correct? so by introducing a listing process you want to achieve what? basically make it a centralized exchange.

Never said “sorry best of luck” that may be what you read into it I meant it in a way of wishing the success if you decided to take everything anyone posts on this forum in a certain way thats on you.

Yes a system needs to be implemented to help protect users against scams but users also need to do some of their own research. Hopefully the community as a whole will come up with a solution to this hopefully not in as heavy headed a way as you are and come to consensus

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I suggested alternatives to a listing process.

Ranking systems and trust scores work wonders, as long as it is a communal consensus and running across myriad of peers you have decentralization.

Even DEX can have a listing process, or listing requirements. Perpetual regtests and testnets exist for a reason… But that’s a conversation best left for the DeFi 101 section of the forums.

Thanks for your support.

Of course Uniswap is striving on implementing new mechanisms to further improve customer experience but our coin was launched on June when dinosaurs were on Earth eating Unicorn (or maybe just drinking their blood) and we have to copy/paste token address into the trading widget :smiley:

Appreciate your support - we’re all here for the same reason: FREEDOM!


I know I tend to agree with every comment here :smiley: but there is a piece of centralization on every decentralization act. Uniswap is becoming a giant and I still remember the good old days when Google was a bunch of dev rebels who were fighting the “system” to make the Internet searchable.

Anyway… topic here is -> back in June there were no lists, the only way (or maybe the most straight forward) to prove that you’re trustworthy was to lock your liquidity into a vault and our community claimed for that, so we did.

I would like this effort to be recognized by Uniswap :wink:

Cheers Thanks for the comment.

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i agree to this action, seems pretty similar to the Dharma proposal.

people put some liquidity in a smart contract (with no token withdraw code in) so seems unfair why the owner of that contract cant claim airdrop on behalf?

would love to hear more opinions but seems pretty obvious, the contracts have ALLOCATED uni -but cannot withdraw. is it fair?

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