Retroactive Airdrop Excludes Proxy Contract Users (e.g. Dharma, Matcha, etc.)

I don’t think you quite understand what 2% inflation overnight would do to market orderbooks. It will absolutely tank the token because of existing users front-running it like we a seeing now, and because of the possibility of a second airdrop, and lastly because of the 2% inflation hitting market almost instantly.

Dont try to play this off as a small thing. It’s not.
I have voted NO


We love uni swap and we love Dharma


Whether short term volatility matters depends on your time horizon. Yes there would be some temporary price impact.

And if you are patient it will settle down after a few days to a week or two.

So for the sake of a couple of weeks, I do feel No voters are being quite selfish in this.

I’m personally unaffected, I should say. I just find it fascinating how people who were gifted something can suddenly refuse to allow others equally deserving to receive the same gift.


I’ll vote & support this proposal


You bring up some really interesting ideas in your post, I agree with much of it and I will come back and read it again after I’ve had some time to marinate on it.

However this last part about it being a litigious issue I don’t agree with. The creators intentionally and willingly handed this over to the community, and I agree completely that it is up to us now to respectfully dissect how it was rolled out and set up fair reward systems going forward.

We are all the judge and the jury now when it comes to determining verbiage and sorting out the last decisions the original creators made.

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Agreed, we’re all in this together now and the users who took advantage of Uniswap by proxy were as much contributors to the system as those of us who used it directly.

It is a shame that so many people cannot see the forest for the trees. Thinking about the price impact on UNI as an asset is selfish in the face of this amazing gift we’ve been collectively given.

The more I think about the nuance of this and read existing literature on reward distribution, I’ve changed my opinion on this matter:


Duplicate airdrops are a problem. How many Uniswap users chose to go to Dharma later in order to save gas fees? Why give them twice the UNI? I see imminent freeloading. Why not reward twice Uniswap v1 and Uniswap v2 users? Retroactively giving away free stuff is less desirable when you are losing some of that free stuff. I can’t see how this benefits me, so I will reject this.

The more I think about it, I think that while it is frustrating for people who used a proxy, that is one of the risks when using a proxy. I handle multiple accounts for family members who don’t have the time to invest in crypto. When the UNI airdrop happened I could have taken all their UNI, transferred it to my address and they would have been none the wiser. Granted, I informed them of the windfall, let them know that not selling at airdrop price was an extreme risk, and let them decide. At the end of the day I did all of the work managing assets and making trades on their accounts to provide them with a benefit (profit in this case). I could have by all rights taken the UNI as I was the only one interacting the the actual system.

This is one of the risks of using a broker over handling your money directly, you are delegating some resource to a third-party (time, money, making certain decisions for you) in order to make it easier for you.

The inherent risk remains that the proxy is the one really involved with the core system, and therefore have set themselves up in a position to act as a wall.

Clearly, anyone who uses a proxy for anything is gaining something, otherwise they wouldn’t be using a proxy. When the proxy then receives a benefit from the third party they’re mediating business with for you gets access to a reward, you’re not entitled to it.

Again, that is the inherent risk of using a proxy service that has existed and will exist as long as proxies do.

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I totally agree with all your points, but it’s sad to see your decision based on how “this benefits me” over the community that you’re now a part of.

Just looking at the overview of this entire forum, how many more posts there are about money and how few there are with novel ideas about governance systems is reflective that we brought so much of the negative into this new system.

We’re so young as a community, and already we’ve brought the snakes into the garden.


Like I told you before, DeFi is a space of bare capitalism. You seem to agree now.

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I’ve always agreed that DeFi is purist capitalism.
When it comes to the system or community in charge of the allocation of resources that are a byproduct of gains from that capital, I believe there is much more nuance.

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This is the most logical post in the thread. You don’t deserve a reward because someone or something that you used to perform a task for you interacted with a system.


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Why did the vote say extra hours even though there was only 1??? I was at work and my investment group and I were going to meet later because we saw 8 hours left on clock.

Lost faith in this system. . . I thought this was fool proof (DEFI???) My colleges and I put a very large sum on here, and missed the vote. I feel like it was sabotage? I don’t want to say how many votes we control but we would of put the vote very close to pass at that point.


I cant post link but its pinned on dharma twitter page. . .

HI. i already voted, how can we vote again ? only uniswap can create topic to vote ?

How does one lose faith in a system that is essentially 28 days old?

It is such a shame to see the amount of people who can’t see the forest for the trees. The gift that was bestowed upon us simply by virtue of UNI Gov being created is enormous. A team bootstrapped the largest DeFi project on Earth and then willingly gave up custody of it’s governance to the masses.

There should by no means be any expectation that the system works in a way you deem fair. There’s no way a perfect protocol could have been implemented from the start, it is meant to grow organically. Please check yourself at the door and consider that you’re on the ground floor of a single part of the largest paradigm shift in finance history.

Attitudes like this are entitled, short-sighted, and impatient. We can quite literally evolve this system into anything we want. Any feature that didn’t work as planned, rules that are arbitrary or outdated, even the contracts that run the system; with time we as a group can change things in a way that is more agile and less congested than traditional governance and voting models. But it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s certainly not going to fix bugs, greed, “fairness”, or the list of other things complaining voices can’t stop going on about.

If you’ve considered all this, and still don’t have faith in the system, do the community a favor while removing a big stressor from your life at the same time and find a good price to sell your UNI at. Because at the end of the day, regardless of how altruistic anyone says they are, the goal here is to make money. Plain and simple.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for a more inclusive and frictionless way to make money that can meet the specific demands of the people using/governing Uniswap, but it does mean that the community members doing the work need to be able to put this entire operation into perspective; otherwise we’re going to end up dragging the same problems from the old systems with us and ruin what would have otherwise been a perfect template for how we define and utilize value in this world.

If you decide that you want to make this system which is barely even in it’s infancy better:

  • Take one large dose of reality,
  • a light brushing of Game Theory,
  • a dash of Social Engineering (to taste),
  • large helping of Governing Dynamics,
  • and one extremely open mind.

Change takes time, effort, and the ability to put your pride and ego to the side. It’s very much worth it.


OkTq, sukses, sir the proposal

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