I am against any retroactive airdrop

When Dharma asked to be included in the airdrop it sounded fair specially that dharma users are usually new-comers to crypto so it is great to give them a very positive experience of uniswap. I also love the team and think they are doing an amazing job to onboard new-comers. But this proposal open the Pandora box and now everyone is asking for free money.

Services like 1inch are also asking to be included. I am fully against. Beside the fact that 1inch used to have a very aggressive stance toward uniswap due to the launch of a competitor AMM, 1inch users are either advanced defi users or bots. So I dont see any reasons to airdrop them 20k*400 UNI. Giving them UNI will bring 0 benefit to the Uniswap project, would just make the price dump and destroy confidence.

Saying a loud no to ANY retroactive will allows the uniswap community to focus on the future with a clearer mind.

And sorry for my rant but I had to say it.


At least they can make a proposal for a retroactive drop. I don’t how many will vote for or against?
But you are right that such an aproval will open the door for more people asking for more uni.
There is no proposal yet. We have to wait 25 days for such a request to be considered.
By then airswap , trustswap, moonswap, Mooniswap and everyswapclone will give tokens!


Dharma I understandably agree with and hopefully the greater good will come together to allow them to claim their deserved tokens.

In terms of 1inch I disagree with you on the ground that these were still users of the platform before September 1st 2020 it’s not like they’re asking for users post September 1st to get it. Regardless of what means they interacted with Uniswap by they still interacted with Uniswap and provided to the platform like any other user directly on Uniswap to which I believe they would have a more than valid claim to their 400 UNI. To take that away from them would be wrong in my personal opinion so I kindly disagree

Feel free to share your comments on the actual proposal , no need to make a new topic for this.