Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Contact & Delegation Address Information

Delegate Address: governance.karpatkey.eth (0x8787FC2De4De95c53e5E3a4e5459247D9773ea52)
Email: governance@karpatkey.com
Website: https://karpatkey.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karpatkey


karpatkey is a DeFi-native organisation specialising in professional treasury development through industry-leading research and tooling since 2020. We’ve been working with GnosisDAO, Balancer, ENS, CoW Protocol, and Lido to diversify their treasuries into sustainable portfolios of DeFi investments designed to support the DAOs in their missions.

What do you want to see happen in Uniswap governance over the next year?

  • Further initiatives to strengthen Uniswap’s status as the leading decentralised exchange across numerous chains and for a wide array of assets, aiming to expand cross-chain deployments and stimulate protocol development. This will empower Uniswap to credibly compete with centralised exchanges as a preferred platform for professional trading.
  • Careful, thoughtful, and inclusive progress in the discussions around the Fee Switch and other value-accrual design mechanisms, as a means to reach long-term sustainability without compromising growth and adoption.
  • Further initiatives to foster a competitive, vibrant, and diverse ecosystem of teams contributing to the protocol to avoid single point of failure dependences and foster innovation.
  • With the first steps being laid out with the creation of the Uniswap Foundation, we expect more initiatives like the Uniswap Agora and other tooling/processes geared towards improving the governance process and ultimately increasing participation rate and high-value discussion and action.

Reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

Uniswap validated product-market fit for highly decentralised financial infrastructures and ultimately led the way in the evolution and growth of DeFi. As a champion of Ethereum principles around neutrality and trust minimisation, it is now essential to evolve beyond its core team and push for community-driven growth, development, and self-sustainability.

A robust and progressive governance system will be essential moving forward, giving community members more opportunity to become involved and influence the protocol ecosystem, whether directly or indirectly. We’ve been advocates of delegated voting in DAO governance as a viable solution to improve the legitimacy, inclusivity, and effectiveness of decision-making processes. However, the efficacy of this system is highly dependent on having domain experts actively involved as delegates. They transform the delegation process into a dynamic ecosystem where insights are not just shared but are also meticulously examined and thoughtfully applied. It fosters a symbiotic relationship between all stakeholders, optimising the quality of collective decisions and reinforcing the democratic underpinnings of DAOs.

As DAO treasury developers and contributors to some of the most reputable DeFi protocols in our industry, we believe that our team has the knowledge, trust, and alignment to meaningfully contribute to Uniswap’s growth moving forward. Check out our values to understand a bit more about our guiding and decision-making principles.

Skills and areas of expertise:

Our past work has led us to develop internal infrastructure for automatic on-chain treasury execution and risk management, which ultimately generated objective knowledge across DeFi protocols and hands-on user experience. karpatkey’s governance team taps our network of engineers, DeFi strategists, data/financial/quant analysts, and accountants for subject matter expertise.

We’re also advocates of DAO alliances through treasury swaps as a means of reaching a more resilient DeFi ecosystem through treasury diversification and better value alignment as the ecosystem matures.

Past contributions to Uniswap ecosystem and/or demonstrated protocol knowledge:

We’ve historically deployed a combined $62.91M worth of LP positions in both Uniswap V2 and V3:

This ultimately led us to develop internal models to optimise our liquidity ranges, resulting in increased capital efficiency and earnings. On the other hand, we’ve provided market depth on less popular pools, which ultimately contributed to the platform’s liquidity and diversity while simultaneously capitalising on unique opportunities for attractive returns.

Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest:

No conflicts of interest other than the aforementioned contributions to competing DEXes—although we rather see it as an opportunity—as we can leverage our connections to promote strategic synergies moving forward.


Proposal: ARB Distribution Proposal Poll
Vote: Combined Liquidity Incentives and MMA Infrastructure Development
Summary: We appreciate the collaboration between the complementary Gauntlet and Gamma Strategies proposals and, considering the Architectural Reccomendations in the recent bridge assessment, it is appropriate to support the MMA Infrastructure Development proposal.

Proposal: Uniswap v3 on Base
Vote: Yes
Summary: We support this deployment. We agree with the cross-chain vision Uniswap and the benefits outlined in the proposal. We find no issues with the deployment on Base and believe this should be supported.

Proposal: Uniswap v3 on Linea
Vote: Yes
Summary: We support this deployment. We agree with the cross-chain vision Uniswap and find no outstanding issues with this L2 deployment.

Proposal: [Temperature Check] Migrate the Celo Uniswap V3 Factory Contract owner from Optics to Wormhole
Vote: Yes
Summary: We support this Temp Check. Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee’s approved Wormhole in their June Report. The decision to migrate to Wormhole is prudent considering that Optics is not on a path for approval.


Voting Actions - August 21-26th

Proposal: Migrate the Celo Uniswap V3 Factory Contract owner from Optics to Wormhole
Vote: For
Reasoning: We supported this proposal during the temp check phase and continue to support the migration from Optics to Wormhole. Our initial reasoning for support can be found here.

Proposal: Fund Combined Liquidity Incentivization Program
Vote: For
Reasoning: We supported this during the RFC phase and continue to support this joint proposal from Gauntlet and Gamma Strategies. Our reply to the initial forum discussion can be found here, and our formal reasoning is stated above on this delegate platform.

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