DAOplomats Delegation Platform

Name: DAOplomats
Delegate Address: 0x057928bc52bD08e4D7cE24bF47E01cE99E074048
Delegate ENS Address: gov.DAOplomats.eth
Forum Username: @Baer_DAOplomats @jengajojo
Website: www.DAOplomats.org

Twitter: https://x.com/DAOplomats

Our Voting Activity: Boardroom


DAOplomats is a governance-as-a-service organisation that empowers DAOs through effective governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiatives. We leverage our expertise to help DAOs achieve their full potential by fostering collaboration and maximising positive outcomes.

Additionally, we established and manage the Recognized Delegate Program for 1inchDAO (Link 1) While our experience lies primarily with these DAOs, we deeply understand Decentralised Exchange (DEX) protocols and the DeFi landscape.


Our core values guide our approach to DeFi governance:

  1. Objective Decision-Making: We implement frameworks that combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to arrive at well-reasoned conclusions.

  2. Decentralisation: We believe in empowering communities and strive to push decision-making power to the edges.

  3. Positive Sum: We prioritise collaboration and win-win scenarios, fostering a collaborative environment where all stakeholders benefit.

DAO Vision & Goals for Uniswap

Empowering Uniswap Growth and UNI Utility:

We are committed to supporting Uniswap’s continued dominance as a leading DEX.

We will promote UNI token adoption by encouraging participation in governance, liquidity provision, and fee-generation activities.

Cross DAO Collaboration and Building Strong DAOlationships:

DAOplomats actively participate in the governance of numerous DAOs, and we will leverage these existing relationships to foster collaboration between Uniswap and other relevant DAOs.

This collaboration can unlock exciting opportunities like liquidity sharing or joint marketing initiatives that benefit the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Community-Centric Education and Participation:

We recognise the power of a vibrant community. DAOplomats will prioritise educational initiatives to raise awareness about Uniswap’s features and benefits. This includes educating users on AMMs (Automated Market Makers), liquidity pools, and fee tiers.

We will actively engage the Uniswap community by facilitating discussions, soliciting feedback on proposals, and ensuring everyone has a voice in shaping Uniswap’s future.


DAOplomats has extensive DAO governance experience, honed through our successful work with BanklessDAO and 1inchDAO. We have a proven ability to:

  • Design and implement effective governance frameworks.
  • Analyse proposals objectively and make data-driven recommendations.
  • Foster productive discussions and build consensus among community members.
  • Manage grants programs that support innovation and community growth.

While our experience lies primarily with other DAOs, our transferable skills and deep understanding of DeFi can readily apply to Uniswap’s governance processes.

Why Uniswap?

We are deeply impressed by Uniswap’s pioneering role in the DeFi space. Uniswap’s innovative AMM model has revolutionised decentralised trading, and we are excited to contribute to its continued success.

We are familiar with Uniswap’s governance structure and believe that DAOplomats’ expertise in fostering collaboration and community engagement can significantly benefit Uniswap.


DAOplomats maintain the utmost transparency. We will disclose any potential conflicts of interest before voting on proposals.


Welcome DAOplomats. Good to see the team here officially

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