Investment Whereabouts

In April 2021 a total invest of approximately $4000 was made by my company as a Uniswap liquidity provider. I have written to responsible parties as to the whereabouts of my investment however, have not gotten a response. It is not my intention to make a spectacle of the situation however, it would be nice to know when my investments and accompanied interest will be return. If there are rules against returning investments of this sort then please let me know about how to change the rules. The last Etherscan record of the investment clearly shows it going into the uniswap system as Wraped Ether. I dont want to start thinking negatively about the situation, therefore if there is a process in place to assist the return of my investment I would like to know. I believe my partnership with uniswap was quite successful and I would like to leave it at that. A response is appreciated