How can I get my uniswap token

I’ve not gotten my uniswap token

Post your public address to check the interaction with uniswap

If you’re having issues with the main domain, use this version of the site:

Once on the page, log in with your wallet, and if you have UNI tokens available to claim—you will receive a pop up with a “Claim” button.

у меня тоже нет токена

the same question I want to ask how can I get uniswap tokens?

If you have interacted with UniSwap with Argent, we’ve published a guide for anyone looking to redeem:

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hi @MarkOSullivan94! could you repost this guide in [Learn] Requirements & How to claim your 400 UNI? thanks!

closing in favor of [Learn] Requirements & How to claim your 400 UNI

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