Finding a solution to users that can't claim their uni token because they forget their private keys

hi i have a suggestion i like to share it with you why uniswap devs can finding a solution to users that can’t claim their uni token because they forget their private keys and can’t access their old wallets ?

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Without private keys, there’s no way for someone to prove they own that particular wallet. Recovery is unfortunately not possible.


I know it is difficult to prove the property but if the user have ethereum address that he used it several time with the old address it can prove that he own the old one

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I totally agree something should definitely be done to help some of us whoa re just starting out with this and still can’t find a way to claim my tokens eve from back at UNI1


Jesus Christ if you want someone to hold you hand with your financial dealing go back to the legacy banking system. If you dont hold the keys they are not your coins. take it as a lesson to never throw away old keys, EVER. Trying to prove that someone is the owner of an address because they own a private key that interacted with another address would be impossible to get right. and It would require crazy amounts of manual work. people need to stop coming here asking for more free handouts.


The legacy banking system included checks and fiat initially, then moved to wire to debit, culminating in Cash app & “enter e-payment,” etc, all of which are novel clones of eBay and Papa PayPal.

You needed to know how to read and write and have a system to produce passwords and pins.

You believe the following claim system to be equal to the “legacy:”


In no way do I wish to exhibit a contrite response. I simply give rebuttal–there is a great deal difference, but with panache one can always find a solution. I’m with you as a opponent to hand holding.

Now educating someone…that’s totally different.

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Hope it is useful. There is always a way