Fulfilling the UNI roadmap?

Hi friends!

I wonder if we are following the roadmap that we set for ourselves in September 2021?

what do you think?


Yes i think we are getting close to the 2nd uniswap airdrop as stated on our roadmap

There is no nor there will be a second Uniswap token drop. Please…

Form here: https://uniswap.org/blog/uni/ what do you say to this?

everyone believes that 30% will be distributed this year.

Vestments to the treasury are very different to airdrops.
Uniswap holders (currently concentrated amongst delegates that a16z have chosen) can vote on what is done with the treasury, and there is no appetite for a second airdrop amongst those with the most voting power.

Okay but can we say we hope if uniswap will still have airdrop in the future?

No, there wont be any other airdrop unless the governance approves it in the first place. Please, do not fall for scams.

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Okay thanks for the information