I hodl 400 UNI from airdrop

Guys I am just newcomer here in UNI governance community and I am glad that I am now belong in this Community. I am a holder of 400 UNI from the last airdrop, my question is what benefit can I get if just hold UNI in my wallet? Is it worth it to hold UNI and not sell it by the end of year 2020? Thanks


Good question! Welcome to the Unicorn :unicorn: Community and congratulation on qualifying for UNI airdrop. Holding/hodling your UNI has benfits attached to include but not limited to i: Value Appreciation over-time ii: Voting Right in the Unicorn Governance.


How did you get those i have been trying to get that air drop but can’t figure it out sorry ima noob at this.

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You can claim 400 UNI only if you used uniswap before 1. September. You can see your claimable UNI tokens right-up corner on uniswap page.


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