Irretrievable Airdrops - lost keys

is there any solution?


besides searching for the keys? I don’t think so…have lost access to an ether wallet some time ago by loosing my passphrase. Wasn’t too much value that time, but now I would be happy to recover…still keep the .json file, just in case…

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computer long gone. used uniswap 2 years ago when it had around 12 tokens and mkr was still distributing tokens through oasis.

looking at etherscan you can tell that i had custody of these addresses relative to other addresses that i do have the keys, but don’t have those keys.

i know the answer is that i’m out of luck, more or less just dropping frustation pointlessly here, and i would assume that no safe solution can exist to route of tokens to another address.


Yea, feels bad, I can imagine…but I would feel worse if somebody else is able to move youre funds…only possibility would be to send again to one of your other addresses…but imagine the work to judge every possible case that will come up…I fully understand your frustration but don’t see much chance for this.


Send your eth addrres, i will try to help you​:pray::pray:


how will having my address help?

u didnt save the seed somewhere?

no. i dont have seed phrase.

it was 2 years ago, and i was using multiple addresses testing out new things like uniswap. was afraid i was going to get rugged somehow.

just repinging this for visibility.

is there no hope?

Use Discord support channel, or general channel for this.
Not the governance forum, sorry.